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Early Childhood Education
The early childhood years are considered among the most important in a child's life and at Saint Edward's we understand that what we do in our pre-school program shapes a child forever.

Research shows that the quality and richness of a child's early learning experiences profoundly influences the foundation on which they build their social, emotional and academic future. At Saint Edward's, individualized one-on-one instruction allows children to develop to their fullest in a secure and supportive environment. 

A content-rich early learning program is most important for a child's development of reading skills and vocabulary and Saint Edward's offers an enriched program in which letter formation, creative writing, exploration of numbers, shapes and patterns, hands-on science projects and Spanish as a second language is all included. 

Accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools and the Florida Kindergarten Council, Saint Edward's enrolls students beginning in Pre-K after an assessment of their learning and development has been completed.
Elementary School Program
If you're a parent looking for a Vero Beach elementary school education for your child, consider Saint Edward's School. Our Preschool program and Lower School faculty are dedicated to the education of the whole child: academic, social, emotional and physical. Our goals are to instill a love of learning, to develop self-esteem and to encourage independent thinking, while building a solid academic foundation. 

Our exceptional teachers stimulate curiosity, and encourage learning through observation, discovery and questioning. Our program is built upon the principle that the teacher is the key to successful curriculum implementation and rich curriculum design. 

The core curriculum includes reading, mathematics, writing, spelling, grammar, social studies and science. Learning enrichment includes computer science, library, visual, performing and musical arts and physical education. A specialist in each discipline provides instruction in all of these enrichment areas. 

Off campus field trips and excursions on the Indian River Lagoon situated on our campus enhance instruction in both academic and special areas. We are a community focused on the needs of each child in one-on-one and small group settings. 

Students are encouraged to develop their own special talents, and to become independent, self-directed learners. The core program, at all levels, is accelerated for those students who need a greater challenge. Don't just choose any Vero Beach elementary school. A child's formative years have a substantial impact on the rest of their lives, and the difference in choosing Saint Edward's for your child's preschool or elementary school years is extraordinary.

Learn more about Saint Edward's Florida elementary school.
Middle School Program
There are many Florida middle schools to choose from but few focus so intently on the unique needs of the students in this age group. 

Saint Edward's Middle School offers a developmentally age-appropriate program of traditional course study. Each member of the Middle School faculty is not only an expert in his or her academic field, but is also aware of the unique intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs of the early adolescent. This diversity allows us to deliver a challenging curriculum in a manner that promotes maximum acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary for academic success at our Upper School. 

While we are a college preparatory school, we understand that knowledge is cumulative and success at earlier levels is requisite for success at later levels, including our Upper School and eventually college.

The Middle School operates on the same two-semester system as the Upper School. Sixth, Seventh and Eighth graders take a full year of each of the core courses in English, history, mathematics, science and foreign language. The curriculum of the Middle School is high school preparatory in nature and follows a carefully planned sequence of courses. All students also take one marking period of art, research, writing and technology, character education/life skills and health. All students participate in athletic and physical education offerings each semester.

The Middle School is committed to 1:1 technology. In fact, each student has a computer as a personal learning tool. Classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors and students have access to many online resources that propel our classrooms beyond our beautiful 26-acre campus in Florida. Middle schools are not simply stepping stones, but bedrocks, opportunities to discover talents and passions that can last a lifetime.
Upper School Program
If you are a parent or student looking for the best Vero Beach high school experience, consider Saint Edward's School. The course of study concentrates on a core college preparatory curriculum with the added flexibility of completing college-level work through our rigorous Advanced Placement Program. 

A highly qualified faculty is responsible for the development of the academic program, creating intellectual opportunities to help students acquire knowledge, and to develop analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. The school expertly prepares students to be successful at each stage of their high school academic careers and beyond.

We operate on a two-semester system. Freshmen and sophomores take a core foundation of courses in English, fine arts, foreign language (including Mandarin Chinese), history, mathematics, physical education, religion and science. Each semester, students take at least five courses that meet five times in a six-day cycle. In the classroom, Saint Edward's School strives to maintain an optimum size of 15-18 students.

At all high school levels, students explore areas of their particular interest, choosing from an array of electives, selecting more advanced course-work when they are ready and enrolling in college-level Advanced Placement courses.

During their four years at Saint Edward's Upper School in Vero Beach, high school students will experience important aspects of university and college programs. No one student's course of study is ever precisely the same as another's. 

If you're looking for a Vero Beach high school where your child can work closely with faculty advisors, actively participate in designing their own plan of study, and work with the academic and college counseling department, look no further than Saint Edward's School. In doing so, your child will learn to make informed choices based on individual interests, goals and abilities. The result is an educational experience that both challenges and inspires.