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Saint Edward’s Early Childhood Experience Prepares Children to reach their fullest potential.
At Saint Edward’s pre-school children learn in developmentally appropriate groups—not arbitrarily determined by age—but formed by the understanding that a child learns more and their experience is greatly enriched by learning with children at the same developmental stage.

At Saint Edward’s pre-school children progress at their own rate with individualized one-on-one instruction. All children progress at their own rate—mastering reading, problem-solving, and language comfortably.

At Saint Edward’s the pre-school child benefits from a content-rich program. Children whose early education includes vibrant, rich content and vocabulary master language skills earlier and more abundantly. 

Pre-school children at Saint Edward’s:
· begin letter formation and progress to journal writing, along to creative writing and voice;
· begin phonemic awareness and advance not just to reading, but to a depth of vocabulary that is proven to lead to greater success throughout their lives;
· explore numbers, measurements, shapes and patterns and learn to master math skills through the world-renowned Singapore math program;
· learn an increasing array of social skills that shape their manners, character development, and build their leadership skills;
· learn by doing hands-on projects in a pre-primary science lab that excites students about STEM subjects,
· begin Spanish language learning using an innovative curriculum that takes advantage of children’s critical period from age 3 to 7 for absorbing language.

These are the initiatives that, together, place Saint Edward’s School among the best schools state-wide and nationally for early childhood learning. Accredited by the Florida Council of Independent Schools and the Florida Kindergarten Council, Saint Edward’s enrolls students beginning in pre-k after an assessment of their learning and development has been completed.

Pre-k children experience letters, numbers, and written language in an environment suited to their developmental needs and maturity.
• Personalized learning
• Prepares children for early literacy
• Enhances age appropriate progress
• Encourages reading readiness skills; alphabet recognition, phonemic awareness, link letters and sounds, skill development, and math skill readiness
• Develops early learning skills
• Provides challenging and rich experiences in living and learning
• Develops social awareness
Jr. Kindergarten continues to develop each child’s individual needs within a formalized Kindergarten curriculum.
• Academically challenging and developmentally appropriate
• Comprehensive reading-language arts program
• Develops comprehension skills and sight word vocabulary
• Teaches correct formation of letters and numbers
• Journal writing
• Kindergarten math curriculum that explores numbers, shapes, patterns measurement and direction
• Integrates math into reading, art, music and everyday activities
• Develops problem solving skills
• Exercises intellectual curiosity
• Thematic study units
Kindergarten extends the Jr. Kindergarten curriculum into an individualized pre- first grade program.
• Intensive phonics based instruction meeting the needs of each individual student
• Thorough language arts program
• Expands vocabulary, writing mechanics and beginning grammar
• Journal writing that encourages creativity and writer’s voice
• Strengthens reading comprehension skills
• Utilizes Kindergarten and First Grade Singapore Math Program

Saint Edward's School

1895 Saint Edward's Drive
Vero Beach, Florida 32963