Additional Fees & Options

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  • Additional Fees

    • Computer (6th grade and new students Grades 6 to 12) $200 - $1,740 (depending on equipment)
    • Books (grades Pre-Kindergarten to 12) $119-600 - depending on courses and grade level
    • Uniforms (grades Junior Kindergarten to 8) varies depending on quantity desired
    • Additional expenses and fees may accrue during the course of the year, like AP, PSAT, SAT, ACT, testing fees and trips.
  • Optional Programs

    • Extended Day: $26
    • Late Day:  $26
    • Combined Extended Day and Late Day: (Junior Kindergarten only) $42 per day (11:45 a.m. until 5:45 p.m.)
    • Á la carte lunch: (Kindergarten-12). Pizza and sub days for grades Pre-Kindergarten to 5
  • International Tuition and Fees

    The total package price for International tuition, room and board will vary upon services rendered by your representing agency. Please contact the Director of Admission at or (772) 492-2360 for further information and/or if unrepresented by an agency.
  • International Application Fee

    $100: Admission Application Fee

    Please note: Travel expenses, medical insurance, lunch during the school day, computer and books are not included. Additional expenses and fees may be incurred during the course of the year. These might include instructional materials and school supplies, PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, other testing fees and trips. Personal items and daily expenses are up to individual students. For more international application details, please contact
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Included in Tuition

  • Academic Learning Lab resources, an understanding of each student’s learning style and study skills instruction
  • Advanced Placement classes
  • Advanced Studies Program
  • Honors level classes
  • College counseling from grade 8 through grade 12
  • Spanish Language instruction from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12
  • Chinese Language instruction from grade 8 through grade 12
  • Academic instruction at all levels in languages and literature; reading, phonics and comprehension; vocabulary, spelling and grammar; creative and expository writing, proofing and editing; speech and computer presentations; academic research; iPad and computer software and technology; mathematics and statistics; physical, environmental and biological science; health and behavioral science; geography, world studies; social studies and history; world languages; regional, state, national and international government; economics; character education and ethics; photojournalism and design graphics; choral music, band and instrumental music, fine arts and theater/drama, tech and set design.
  • Afterschool extra help from faculty
  • Physical Education in grades Pre-K through 8 with a swimming component
  • Science lab materials, experiments and equipment
  • 1:1 computing environment in grades 6 through 12
  • iPad program at Lower School and computer instruction in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 5
  • Afterschool Athletic and Intramural programs; playgrounds, playing fields, gyms, weight rooms and aquatic center.
  • Afterschool art programs and activities including choral, instrumental, fine arts, drama and technical theater.
  • Library privileges including access to databases, subscriptions, e-books and print books
  • Clubs and student activities: student government, service clubs, movies, socials, world languages and literature clubs, arts and drama clubs, Model UN, WorldQuest, Mu Alpha Theta, field days and pep rallies.
  • Academic competitions and activities: Math competitions and club, current events and international affairs competition, academic honor society memberships, International Thespian Society memberships, regional, state and national competitions in creative writing, math, the sciences, choral, instrumental, fine arts, world languages and theater.
  • Faculty Advocacy Program grades 6 through 12
  • Chapels, ethics and leadership building activities
  • Field trips and research trips on and around the Indian River Lagoon
  • Full-time nurse on campus and a full time counselor
  • Independent Study programs
  • Bus Transportation
  • Full Time Athletic Trainer