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Oftentimes, the early learning environment represents a child’s first relationship with an adult outside of immediate family. At Saint Edward’s School, our teachers quickly establish a strong foundation that gives children the confidence to approach their educational odyssey with curiosity and wonder. The teachers in the program start with a deep love of children, and they take a personal interest in watching for those “light bulb” moments every step of the way. Because our smallest students have the opportunity to pursue the best in education through their senior year, the pre-primary program is the launching pad for developing a spirit of inquiry and a lifetime of academic success.  

We inspire our littlest learners to think BIG in the Pre-Kindergarten, Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten Programs. These programs are both academic and social in nature. Our students are made aware of the world beyond Saint Edward’s School and our community through a rich variety of activities and experiences aimed at helping them grow and develop into intelligent, responsible, independent and caring people. Daily instruction encourages independent learning and is centered on an academic curriculum that offers core subjects and enrichment opportunities. We empower our young students to develop confidence and competency as they strive to become life-long learners! 


Jr. Kindergarten


Our Littlest Learners

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  • Pre-Kindergarten Program:

    Pre-Kindergarten children experience letters, numbers, and written language in an environment suited to their developmental needs and maturity.
    • Provides personalized learning
    • Prepares children for early literacy
    • Enhances age appropriate progress
    • Encourages reading readiness skills: alphabet recognition, phonemic awareness, and linking of letters and sounds
    • Introduces math readiness skills and problem solving skills
    • Provides challenging and rich experiences in living and learning
    • Develops social awareness
    • Utilizes thematic study units
    • Teaches global citizenship
    • Offers 1:1 iPad integration
  • Jr. Kindergarten Program:

    Jr. Kindergarten continues to develop each child’s individual needs within a formalized Kindergarten curriculum.
    • Provides academically challenging and developmentally appropriate activities
    • Teaches a comprehensive reading-language arts program
    • Develops comprehension skills and sight word vocabulary
    • Teaches correct formation of letters and numbers
    • Develops journal writing
    • Provides a math curriculum that explores numbers, shapes, patterns, measurement, direction and thoughtful problem solving
    • Integrates math into reading, art, music and everyday activities
    • Develops problem solving skills
    • Exercises intellectual curiosity
    • Utilizes thematic study units
    • Teaches global citizenship
    • Offers 1:1 iPad integration
  • Kindergarten Program

    Kindergarten extends the Jr. Kindergarten curriculum into an individualized pre-  first grade program.
    • Individualizes intensive phonics based instruction
    • Integrates a thorough language arts program 
    • Expands vocabulary, writing mechanics and beginning grammar
    • Encourages creativity and writer’s voice through journal writing
    • Strengthens reading comprehension skills
    • Utilizes Kindergarten and First Grade Singapore Math Program

Saint Edward's School

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