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There are many Florida middle schools to choose from but few focus so intently on the unique needs of the students in this age group. 

Saint Edward's Middle School offers a developmentally age-appropriate program of traditional course study. Each member of the Middle School faculty is not only an expert in his or her academic field, but is also aware of the unique intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs of the early adolescent. This diversity allows us to deliver a challenging curriculum in a manner that promotes maximum acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary for academic success at our Upper School. 

While we are a college preparatory school, we understand that knowledge is cumulative and success at earlier levels is requisite for success at later levels, including our Upper School and eventually college.

The Middle School operates on the same two-semester system as the Upper School. Sixth, Seventh and Eighth graders take a full year of each of the core courses in English, history, mathematics, science and foreign language. The curriculum of the Middle School is high school preparatory in nature and follows a carefully planned sequence of courses. All students also take one marking period of art, research, writing and technology, character education/life skills and health. All students participate in athletic and physical education offerings each semester.

The Middle School is committed to 1:1 technology. In fact, each student has a computer as a personal learning tool. Classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors and students have access to many online resources that propel our classrooms beyond our beautiful 26-acre campus in Florida. Middle schools are not simply stepping stones, but bedrocks, opportunities to discover talents and passions that can last a lifetime.

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  • An Afternoon Among Manatees: International Students Explore HBOI

    An Afternoon Among Manatees: International Students Explore HBOI

    Shelby Fontana (lk)
    What do clownfish breeding, green house grown coral and submersibles have in common? They can all be found at Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. This past Friday, junior Edward Wei and Mrs. Fontana were treated to a VIP tour of the facility, as a result of Edward’s People's Choice award for the Ocean Science Art Contest—a contest open to students in grades 6-12 from Indian River County and St. Lucie County.  Edward’s illustration of a manatee wearing a spacesuit entitled When the Temperature Change Becomes too Erratic, is a poignant depiction of the effects of global warming on manatees. Along their tour, the two were delighted to catch glimpses of the massive, yet docile sea cows—the gentle giants were a definite highlight of the day!  #PiratePride #howSESlearns #globaloutlook

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  • Girls try spicy candy from Mexico

    Around the World in Two Hours

    The entire MS and some lucky US students got the opportunity to travel the world today during the annual Multi-Cultural Day. Students danced in Africa, tried food from Mexico and Columbia, learned a bit of German, enjoyed crepes in France and experienced a little bit of London, among others. Special thanks to Senora Meija for organizing this very special annual event, and to all of the volunteers for sharing your time and experiences with our students.

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  • Dylan Redmond readies the launch

    Eighth Grade Reaches for the Sky

    Eighth grade science students tested and launched their water rockets over the last two week as their last big project for the year. Click for a fun
    highlights video.

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