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Substance Prevention Programming: Juuls

Samantha Borkovic (lk)
Middle and Upper School Parents: There has been a national concern about the rising use of vaping among adolescents. In an effort to educate our faculty and students about the associated health concerns of nicotine intake, we want to offer you a few resources that can help you start a conversation with your child about these risks. This one-page fact sheet from The American Academy of Pediatrics is an excellent resource as is the Stanford Medicine's Tobacco Prevention Toolkit for your background knowledge. Additionally, the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids published a helpful guide for how to talk with your child about drug prevention. If you would like to talk further or get more information, please reach out to our ASSIST team members: Greg Zugrave, Louise Kennedy, Shaun Hurley, Nicole Padgett, Fr. Tommy Matthews and Samantha Borkovic.


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