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Once Upon A Mattress Announce Cast and Crew List

keira murphy (lk)
Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Once Upon A Mattress! (click headline to see cast list)

Queen Agravaine                    Lucy Kleinschmidt
King Sextimus                        Colby Stebbins
Winnifred the Woebegone        Gabby Carlson
Dauntless the Drab                 Ivor Zimmerman
Lady Larkin                            Ashby Taylor
Sir Harry                                Ross Sams
Wizard                                   Suzanne Jutras
Jester                                    Gracie Derie
Minstrel                                 John Atwater
Princess # 12                         Sophia Gulati
Nightingale of Samarkand       Kristi Beckett
Lady Rowena                         Morgan Moss
Lady Lucille                            Kira Manelski
Lady Merrill                            Kenzie Hall
Lady Beatrice                         Lauren Chesley
Lady Mabelle                         Mariana Box
Lady of the Court                   Caitlin Regan
Lady of the Court                   Laurel Logemann
Sir Studley                            Xander Sylvia
Sir Harold                             Jace Orchacher
Sir Luce                                Jack Powers
Sir Benedict                          Owen Miller
Kitchen Maid                         Olivia Pickering
Kitchen Maid                         Rachel Thorpe
Scullery Maid                        Caroline Lloyd
Gailyn Lee
Antara Ghai
Ethan Ashton
Rebecca Wickham
Rosie Baker

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