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SUNDIAL SHARES: "Snow" and "Blizzard" by Charlotte Yates

Katie Alerte
White flakes fluttering down
From the bright, blue sky
To the sun and the wind
The snow will not comply

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Daunting but gentle
A quietly built fleet
The pile of snow
Builds up at your feet

A powdery blanket
Covers the ground
Dusting the town
Without a sound

And I just think
That it’s quite nice
To revel in the beauty
Of crystallized ice

The icy wind
Unleashes an attack
Stabbing like needles
Through the coat on your back

You feel yourself shiver
As you already know
You never can win
Against the raging snow

The storm is violent
And will not comply
Despite any bribe
Or bargain to pacify

That’s why you’re glad
When you open the door
And the mere sight of home
Warms you to the core

Saint Edward's School

1895 Saint Edward's Drive
Vero Beach, Florida 32963