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Middle School Multi-Cultural Day Seeks Volunteers

Keira Murphy
From Pamela Mejia, World Language teacher: This year we are going to embark on our fifth annual  Middle School Multicultural Day to celebrate all of the wonderful differences that make our student body who they really are. As part of this special day, which will be held on Friday, May 17, 2019, we would like to invite you to be an active part of the event. [click HEADLINE to read the full story]
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Do you have a tradition that you would like to share with the middle school students? We are looking for several parents who would be willing to put together hands-on activities that would allow our students to gain a better appreciation for the cultural traditions of their fellow classmates. You can incorporate stories, pictures, or videos with your presentation. We would like the activities to actively involve all students. This could include art projects, games, dancing, cooking, or anything else that gives students the opportunity to experience the unique traditions that have been passed down through the generations within our Saint Edward’s community. This is a subject that ties into many of our academic subjects as well as our advisory discussions. Last year we had students dance the hallways to the beats of Puerto Rican music, eat delicious traditional dishes (arroz con pollo, tequeños, maple syrup crepes, curry), narrate soccer goals, bake Irish bread, learn to use chopsticks, and take part in many other engaging presentations. Click here to see some of the photos from last year's special event.
There will be stations set up throughout the middle school and the event will take place from 12:30pm – 3:25pm.  Presenters will be asked to lead 1-3 sessions (each session 30 minutes in length). If you would be interested in being part of this year’s celebration or would like to hear more about this special day, please email me at

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