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SUNDIAL SHARES: April Poetry Event

Katie Alerte (lk)
Roses are red, violets are blue,
April is for poetry
Show us what you can do!

In this year’s “Escapril” challenge, students nationwide are writing daily poems for the month of April. Sundial wants to get Saint Edward’s in on the fun!

To enter, any member of the school community can write a poem on one of the thirty prompts accessed by clicking this article's title. Please email all poems to Katie Alerte ( and Audrey Hill ( by April 26th. The poems will be published on May 3rd.

Thank you and happy poetry-ing!
(Click headline for prompts.)

1. a fresh start
2. april showers
3. incorporate music  
4. anxiety
5. back to nature
6. nostalgia
7. start with a time of day
8. a love poem
9. focus on the color
10. femininity
11. not from your perspective
12. spring cleaning
13. celestial bodies
14. make it rhyme
15. describe a smell
16. any dreams?
17. body as friend (or foe)
18. a happy place
19. without your name, who are you?
20. a liminal space
21. it's the end of the world
22. nourishment
23. when the party's over
24. liar, liar
25. pick an animal
26. girlhood, boyhood
27. the state of it all
28. reflection
29. may flowers
30. catharsis

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