Please Note Overdue Lunch Accounts

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Important note about lunch account suspensions:
SES has had a wonderful response from our students regarding our new partnership with Flik Dining.  While we are excited about providing a popular dining program to our students, we ask that every family keep their student’s lunch account funded.  Beginning January 2020, if a student’s account reaches negative $25, the student will only be allowed a sandwich, and the lunch account will be suspended.  We must ensure Flik is paid for the food they serve your students.  Please check My Quickcharge to either set up auto-funding or to keep track of your student’s balance. If you think you set up the account for low balance alerts, check to make sure the emails aren't going to your child's email.  The cashiers will also notify your child once their account approaches zero. If you're having trouble connecting to the site, please call 1-518-459-5545 for further assistance.  Thank you in advance for working with SES to keep our dining services partnership a positive one!