MS Athletic Winter Season in Review

6th Grade Boys Basketball 
The 6th grade boys basketball team had a great season winning 5 of their games and losing only 2! Reid Durham comments “I think that it was hard to communicate with each other and pass at the beginning of the season, but then, later on, we developed a strong team and won a lot of our games. But that wasn't possible without practice. I thought that this season was a great season because we worked as a team.”

7th Grade Boys Basketball  
The 7th grade boys basketball team had a wonderful season also winning 5 games and losing 2! Ray Taft says “We had a great defense and the opponents were never able to be inside the paint (The area surrounding the hoop) and our offense was great at taking outside shots.” Carson Yates recalls their games against Pine School and how the team worked together at the last quarter to take the win. 

8th Grade Boys Basketball  
The 8th grade boys basketball team had an amazing season winning 8 games and only losing 1! The team said this season they learned how to work as a team and communicate while improving their fundamental skills. 

Middle School Girls Basketball  
The girls basketball team won 3 of their games and lost 8. Despite their losses, the girls had a great time on and off the court. They played with tremendous effort in all of their games and always gave it their all. 

Middle School Girls Soccer
The MS girls soccer team lost all of their games this season, but the girls always played their best in all the games and always kept a positive attitude. 7th grader Sadie Howarth comments “Even though we had a pretty tough season, and didn’t win a game, we still pushed through to try our hardest. We always put in our best effort and cheered up anyone who was upset or sad. Overall, we had a ton of fun and a lot of laughs, and I wish it didn’t end so soon!” Carrie Jane Fykes (6) adds “Although we didn't win a game this year, I think we improved as a team, and it was a really fun season,” and Findlay Beckwith (6) says “ This year I think we did a good job of controlling and passing the ball. Even though we didn't win a single game, it was so much fun playing the sport and being with friends. I remember the joy on my teammates' faces when we first scored a goal!” 

Middle School Boys Soccer 
The boys soccer team also had an excellent season winning 1 games and losing 2. The boys played each game with an outstanding amount of effort and overall teamwork. The goalies Ethan Ball and Nicholas Weise made many amazing saves throughout the season. 

Contributed by Grace Haller (8)