SES Spanish Students Bring Home the Hardware

AH/MJ (lk)
On what sadly may prove to be the last trip of the school year, SES students brought home two major trophies from the Spanish Competition that was held two days before the start of spring break. Sra Heard says, "This year 43 schools signed up, but 3 canceled last minute due to the coronavirus. A small school has many challenges, and yes, we did until the very end. Our students are the same ones that participate in everything: MUN, theater, AWQ, Envirothon, Science Fair, etc. Inviting 16 students and a few alternates was fairly easy until a number of challenges surfaced. With a little motivation and persuasion, Karis Crookshank got on board at the last minute. I was very proud to show up with a new participant school, small and mighty and a whole team! A handful of peers know I am here at SES, and so, since I am a “little” competitive, it was on. 
So how did we do?  Phenomenal.  We won FIRST place in two events. Out of the 23 entries, we received the highest marks in 16 of them! We had three perfect scores in impromptu speeches (Alexa Soderman, Izzy Jennings, and Avery Critchfield) and one perfect score in declamation (María Searcy). Outstanding recognitions went to Karis Crookshank, Emma Fini, Mei Bao-He, Neenah Brown, Zayna Shaikh, Eddie Pines and Andrea Pérez in impromptu speeches. Mei Bao-He, Imani Williams, Avery Critchfield and Izzy Jennings were in that range in declamations and our dramatic presentation got a perfect score (120), performed by Zayna Shaikh, Chris Powell, Farzaan Naeem, Katie Croom, Eddie Pines, and Neenah Brown."