Senior Traditions Go Virtual

MJ (lk)
Some cherished senior traditions live on in these last weeks for the Class of 2020, including the annual Letting Go event, as well as senior seminars that cover the basics of safety and financial responsibility, and some favorite recent alumni even joined the Zoom meetings. Suzanne Jutras says, "My experience with all the guest speakers gave me an opportunity to learn a lot more before I go to college. Even though it was different learning from a screen rather than seeing all those amazing people in person, I still learned valuable things. My favorite event has got to be a drive-in movie. That should honestly be a tradition that you keep so other grades can experience it as well. My favorite online class has got to be the letting go ceremony. My family really loved the speaker telling us to be resilient in these hard times and the wonderful messages that the students gave to their parents. I'm going to miss everyone, and I'm glad that we had a week to learn more about college before we eventually have to go."