An Important Reminder from Nurse Gollery-Kain

We are heading into winter with fairly good numbers regarding COVID cases at our school. However, we would like to strongly remind parents that some activities outside of school are putting our families more at risk of contracting the coronavirus.  Social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing are all still important defenses against the spread of Covid-19 beyond the school bell.

Please use extreme caution as we enter this holiday season. Social gatherings need to be downsized, and preferably hosted outside. While we do not require you to quarantine if traveling, we ask that you monitor your symptoms and do not return to school if you are possibly ill or have been around others who are ill.  If you have been around someone you discover is positive for the coronavirus, we ask you to stay home until we can discuss it with you.

If you are asked to be on quarantine because of contact with someone who has the virus, we ask that you stay home and not invite anyone outside your immediate family to be in close contact with you.
With your help, our protocols will continue to limit our positive cases and quarantines. - Nurse Jeanette