In a dynamic, digitalized, and rapidly changing world, learners at Saint Edward’s School are encouraged to develop and grow in a community that openly embraces technology for academic preparation.  This sustained passion for lifelong learning fosters resilience and leadership skills in the 21st century as part of a global, collaborative community.

Academic technology integration at Saint Edward’s School is founded on a full vertical articulation from Pre-K through 12th grade.  Age- appropriate skills and competencies are taught explicitly and applied across all subject areas, and are embedded throughout a student’s academic experience.  Wrapped into this teaching approach are aspects of modeling good digital citizenship, where the faculty teaches both by example and by measurable goals.  As a result, students develop positive digital identities and knowledge about the short and long-term impacts of their online lives. They apply technology to solve authentic problems in different contexts, and become adept in finding, accessing, critically evaluating, and using information from diverse sources in a variety of media.
Also, students have the opportunity to strategically place technology into their curriculum for a specific college or university, or for a career-oriented focus beyond their graduation from Saint Edward’s School.  Students are not only encouraged to be consumers but to be creators for solutions in our 21st century, information rich world.

Meet our Academic Technology Staff

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  • Mrs. Chris Stephenson 

    Academic Technology Director
    (772) 492-2231
    The Queen's University of Belfast - B.A.
    The Queen's University of Belfast - Postgraduate Certificate of Education
    The University of Ulster - Postgraduate Certificate of Education
    Kennesaw State University - M.Ed.
  • Mrs. Amber Mullins 

    Grade Three Teacher
    (772) 492-2225

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  • Screenwise Book Study: Don't Miss the March Meeting!

    Screenwise Book Study: Don't Miss the March Meeting!

    Have you heard the chatter? The first Screenwise Book Study night was a great success, and it's not too late to join the party. Click here to get details on the first night from Mrs. Stephenson, then buy the book and mark your calendars for the second meeting.
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  • Two hi-tech things that hail from Northern Ireland in this blog post!

    Pirate Tech Blog Post: Raising the "Digital Natives!"

    Chris Stephenson (lk) (mc)
    The Natives are Restless!  
    I love going to the movies!  My husband and I don’t get to go often - busy lives and commitments in the evening mean that by the time we get to see the movie, it’s now on general release and the couch seems like a more convenient alternative to the Majestic!  But we have rules - if it’s Star Wars (lightsabers), Marvel Universe (#teamIronman), Mission Impossible (explosions) or Harry Potter (we are all wizards, and the music is magic), then we are front and center! So, therefore, this week we will delve into all that is Black Panther and cannot wait to see if it lives up to the reviews.  The nerd inside is joyous - CGI to drool over and apparently a rocking soundtrack!  (*click HEADLINE to continue reading)
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  • Raising Children in the Digital Age: PA Book Club

    Raising Children in the Digital Age: PA Book Club

    MJ (lk) (mc)
    Parents, mark your calendars for the evening of February 27, when Director of Academic Technology Chris Stephenson will host a book study that will provide parents with important tools and insight into the digital lives of our children. The book is called Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World, and Ms. Stephenson promises an evening of interactive learning. Click here to purchase the book on Amazon, and get started on your homework!

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  • The face of the teenage experience!

    Feature Blog: But all my friends have one! by Academic Tech Coordinator Chris Stephenson

    Chris Stephenson (lk)
    So it’s over!  The Super Bowl winner has been decided, and the New England Patriots were beautifully beaten by the Philadelphia Eagles.  I’m not a fan of American Football.  Being Irish, we have the glorious game of rugby (in which a whole game can be played in one of your American football quarters) and what folk could argue to be real "football" (which Americans call soccer). However, no matter who you pulled for in this game, or if you just watched because you were interested in the advertisements or the half-time show, you could not have missed the teen - meme sensation of the moment! And your kid could be next!
    (*click headline to read the full story.)

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  • Pirate TECH Blog Post: Going Beyond the Hour of Code!

    Chris Stephenson
    Thanksgiving is over - the turkey dinner and all the preparation and eating overload is, just over a couple of weeks later, a dim and distant memory. Traditionally, this week is our next big thing on the calendar beginning with “C” - Computer Science Week#CSEdWeek including Hour of Code#HourofCode2017. (You were thinking the “other” big celebration, right?  Will cover that one in a later blog post!
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  • A sunrise moment of zen and reflection at the railroad crossing

    Pirate TECH Blog Post: Staying on Track in the new School Year!

    Chris Stephenson
    Blog Post from Director of Academic Technology Chris Stephenson:

    I live on the “wrong” side of the tracks. It’s an interesting phrase, that when you live in small town America, you begin to understand local vernacular.  In my Vero Beach context, I have to cross the railroad in the morning to get to school - and if I leave my house a few minutes later than usual, I am treated to flashing lights, bells tolling and a procession of steel and iron with a percussion of clanking and screaming for a few minutes, thus delaying my progress.
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  • Just before an

    Pirate TECH Blog Post: Whitewater Thinking!

    Chris Stephenson
    In early May, five brave and stalwart teachers from the Saint Edward’s School community experienced the thing that educators both love and dread…the off-campus trip!  A chance to get to know your students in a very different way! This A-Team of Mr. Hurley, Mr. Barker, Mrs. Moody, Mr. Miller and my good self, bore the challenges of a 10-hour return road trip to Clayton, GA for three days of whitewater rafting with Southeastern Expeditions on the Chattooga River with 42 freshmen.
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  • Pirate TECH Blog Post: Well, that was a waste of time!

    Pirate TECH Blog Post: Well, that was a waste of time!

    Chris Stephenson
    How many times have you uttered that today?  In the past week?  Month?
    First century philosopher Seneca wrote in On the Shortness of Life, “This space that has been granted to us rushes by so speedily, and so swiftly that all, save a very few, find life at the end just when they are getting ready to live”.  So knowing that, when is it OK to waste time?  
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  • Pirate TECH Blog Look at the size of that thing!  And that's OLD technology!

    Pirate TECH Blog Post: The Technology of Distance

    Chris Stephenson
    Normally, transatlantic flights fill me with excitement.  It means I’m traveling to somewhere new on fascinating technology (I mean look at the size of that plane!) to explore, learn and, on occasion, relax or heading “home” to Northern Ireland to see family and friends.  This blog post comes from the latter location, but when I climbed on board the Virgin Atlantic flight to Manchester and then onto Belfast on March 1st, it was more with a nervous expectation...
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  • Pirate TECH Blog Post: Detach and Reconnect by Chris Stephenson

    Pirate TECH Blog Post: DETACH AND RECONNECT by Chris Stephenson

    Chris Stephenson
    I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on aircraft over the past ten years for both business and pleasure.  When you fly as part of your “commute”, you learn a lot about the nature of people who fly as part of their daily lives.  The airline snobs (those that will ONLY fly “insert name of major airline”) - the upgrade listers (intense staring at the gate information screen for their name), the business "loungers" and the “Zone1-bies” - the zombie-like semi-awake humans that crowd the gates in Atlanta vying to be first on the flight in the vain hope that their oversized carry-on will make it into the coveted bin space overhead, faces buried in their smartphone as they navigate the online boarding pass or their connecting flight details.
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  • Clearly, life on the tech roller coaster has me gripped with fear!

    Pirate TECH Blog Post: Roller Coasters for Teachers!

    We often reflect, in our adult lives, that the best times we had at school was when the class had a field trip.  The chance to go out of the classroom (and, in my case, not having to wear the restrictive, Harry Potter-esce school uniform) and either deploy classroom learning in the real world or learn something from the real world to bring back into the classroom.  Teachers get to go on all sorts of field trips with their students - but what happens when a group of teachers take a field trip without the students?
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  • The car has been done...oh where oh where will I shoot my new YouTube Channel?

    Pirate TECH Blog Post: Constantly Learning! by Chris Stephenson

    Any good teacher will tell you that when you are in this position, you are constantly learning. My social media is not full of cat videos or cute pictures of dogs dressed up as sausages or as a panda (yes...that’s a here!) My social media is my PLN - Professional Learning Network - (although there are days that it becomes my “Play, Learn Nothing” network :-)

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  • Louise Kennedy speaks to a packed room at the National Conference for Teachers of English

    Pirate TECH Blog Post: STEPPING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE by Chris Stephenson

    I’ve just gotten back from an English Teacher’s Conference!  Yes, you read right. The veteran geographer turned tech integrationist went to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta and attended the National Council for Teachers of English Conference. (NCTE).  My old stomping ground.  Back in the ATL, baby!
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  • When your school has kayaks, you will explore!

    Pirate TECH Blog Post: Visions of Palm Trees Danced Round Their Heads!

    by Chris Stephenson, Director of Academic Technology
    I often get asked how I ended up in Vero Beach!  Nearly two years after that fateful night in January 2014, let me tell you a story!

    by Chris Stephenson, Director of Academic Technology 
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