“Though many of the skills needed in centuries past, such as critical thinking and problem solving, are even more relevant today, how these skills are learned and practiced in everyday life in the 21st century is rapidly shifting." 

- Trilling, Bernie and Fadel (2009)

21st Century Skills

Saint Edward’s School proactively promotes a truly global perspective, encompassing contemporary research and exploration of new initiatives that seek an approach to education PK-12 that reflects our global perspective.
As a one-to-one school, technology plays an important role in these kind of initiatives. Global Education and 21st Century Skills are linked in many ways.
21st Century Skills need to encapsulate a broad gamut of practices that are implicitly and explicitly taught through the PK - 12 curriculum at Saint Edward’s School.  This growth mindset seeks to best prepare students to “reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond”.  

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