Luncheon to Celebrate Chinese New Year

kmurphy (lk)
The middle school and upper school students were very happy to eat a Chinese lunch as a part of the Chinese Chun Jie (Spring Festival) celebration on Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020, following the Chinese New Year Performing Arts Show on Monday, Jan. 27. The food (from Chef Lin's Asian Buffet in U.S, 1) was very delicious, and the students just loved it. To some students, it was their first time in their life to have Chinese food so it was an eye-opening experience for them!

The students made the best use of the skill they learned in their Chinese classes a while ago, i.e. using chopsticks to pick up food. Most of them applied this skill very well at the celebration lunch, and the rest made some improvement. Some students reviewed some food vocabularies that they studied in the food unit before; some just acquired several food names right on the spot, and we reviewed a little bit later in Thursday's class. Thanks to the generosity and great support of Mrs. Murphy and Mr. MacMullan, the students had a wonderful time celebrating the Chinese New Year!