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SETTING THE COURSE: Getting the Right Start

The Early Childhood Education Program at Saint Edward's is designed with your child in mind. What distinguishes our early childhood programs is our purposeful, age-appropriate curriculum that allows differentiated instruction that addresses each child's specific learning styles and educational needs.


Morgan Smith '07, parent to Charlotte '36

Education is the greatest gift a parent can give their child. Saint Edward's School believes in the transformative power of education and instilling a sense of community and commitment to service. These lessons are artfully woven into the classroom and after-school programs. Our little girl comes home practicing Spanish and sharing about her many campus adventures to the library, the art space and the chicken coop.

Early Childhood Experience

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Early Childhood Curriculum

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  • Language Arts

    In our Little Pirates and Pre-K programs students are surrounded by a language-rich environment that fosters awareness of sounds and speech to support natural language acquisition and development. Students progress through carefully crated age-appropriate literary experiences that lead through a comprehensive literacy and language program.    Our goal is to foster a lifelong love of reading and writing.
  • Math

    Our students begin their math journey using hands-on manipulatives, music, and rhymes to make math concepts real and meaningful as the children connect to their everyday world. With step-by-step instructions and child-friendly language, the learning activities transform complex ideas into engaging activities that encourage children to be eager to learn math. The math curriculum continues to build throughout the early years, with games and activities reinforcing the concepts taught.
  • Science

    The science program in Little Pirates, PreK 4 and kindergarten, emphasizes a hands-on approach that builds an early appreciation for science and environmental issues. These concepts form the foundation for understanding the more complex topics introduced in Lower School and beyond.
  • Social Studies

    The social studies program is designed to assist the students in acquiring knowledge about themselves and the world around them, developing an understanding of how they relate to others, and appreciating their place in a global society.
  • Spanish

    Spanish is introduced in the early years, so students become familiar with the language from a young age. Dedicating time and effort to teaching the Spanish language and culture enables our students to build empathy and understanding of cultures and languages so that they can see themselves as global citizens.
  • Physical Education

    The Early Childhood PE program seeks to develop the student's gross motor skills through developmentally appropriate individual and team skills. These activities are inspired by sportsmanship, respect, and the value of trying your best.
  • Innovation Lab

    Technology and its applications in the early years are used to support, enhance, and extend the curriculum. The goal is to expose our students to various applications and programs in the Innovation Lab that spark their creativity so that they can design, build, and solve problems.
  • Fine Arts: Music

    Students learn by doing, which is the guiding principle of the early years music program. Children sing and play instruments as they develop their appreciation of the musical world. Our youngest students showcase their talents in class and performances in the Waxlax Theater as they develop their musical skills.
  • Fine Arts: Visual Arts

    Little Pirates and Pre-K 4 students embrace the world of visual art within their homeroom. The art experience is ongoing in the youngest grades, with opportunities to showcase developing artistic talents occurring organically across the curriculum.
  • Library

    To promote a love of reading, our Early Childhood students visit the school library twice a week so that they have access to the rich array of beautiful books. Students enjoy engaging read-alouds with the Lower School librarian as they develop their appreciation for the printed word.
  • Faith

    Early childhood students begin attending the weekly school chapel in the second semester of their pre-K year. The students hear lessons and songs based on biblical teachings during these gatherings.   We encourage respect for the beliefs of others and promote values that unite people rather than divide. Opportunities abound in the classroom to discuss differences and similarities in religious beliefs.
  • Academic Learning Lab

    The Academic Learning Lab (A.L.L.) is an inclusive space designed to assist with academic challenges and study support/strategies focusing on student strengths. Students may be referred by teachers, parents, or the student themself. After discussion and evaluation, specific strategies are suggested and supported. Support and resources for the student, parent, and teacher are available, including academic coaching and community references. 

Margaret Young, Early Childhood Teacher

One of the best parts of my job is having a front-row seat to watch a child’s transformation in the early childhood years. Here at Saint Edward’s School, we have the amazing opportunity to watch these children progress through the grades and graduate from the Upper School. It is such a rewarding experience knowing that my colleagues and I were a part of the very beginning stages of their learning journey.