Lower School

Early Childhood Education

Morgan Smith '07, parent to Charlotte '36

Education is the greatest gift a parent can give their child. Saint Edward's School believes in the transformative power of education and instilling a sense of community and commitment to service. These lessons are artfully woven into the classroom and after-school programs. Our little girl comes home practicing Spanish and sharing about her many campus adventures to the library, the art space and the chicken coop.

Key to Success: Getting the Right Start

The Early Childhood Education Program at Saint Edward's is designed with your child in mind. What distinguishes our early childhood programs is our purposeful, age-appropriate curriculum that allows differentiated instruction that addresses each child's specific learning styles and educational needs.


Margaret Young, Early Childhood Teacher

One of the best parts of my job is having a front-row seat to watch a child’s transformation in the early childhood years. Here at Saint Edward’s School, we have the amazing opportunity to watch these children progress through the grades and graduate from the Upper School. It is such a rewarding experience knowing that my colleagues and I were a part of the very beginning stages of their learning journey.