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Academic Focus

Saint Edward’s School is a place of high expectations and thorough preparation for college and the future. When the bar is set high, and expectations are communicated, students learn how to advocate for themselves and they meet and exceed expectations. Our curriculum reaches well beyond core courses and is richer and more varied at every level than other educational institutions along the Treasure Coast of Florida.


Saint Edward’s School is a community and a culture centered on a love for children. We value and respect each other’s interests, our diversity, our talents, and our many different learning styles. Our community is led by adults who go above and beyond every day to fulfill our mission to help all students reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond.

Strength of Faculty

The Saint Edward’s faculty is among the best in the teaching profession. In addition to their skill in the classroom and their subject knowledge, what sets them apart is their ability to capture every teaching moment. Our faculty recognize that children are learning all the time and that teaching is not a job – it is a way of life.

Focus on the Whole Child

We understand that education is a journey as much as it is preparing our graduates for success in college and beyond. From the time children enter pre-kindergarten, we are engaged in providing what each child needs. Children need time to explore; they need freedom to pick up and put down activities; real work and real play; room to fail and to succeed; and they need experiences to reinforce their own good decisions. At Saint Edward’s we are devoted to developing all aspects of a child’s life - from their physical health and well-being to their creative, spiritual, and emotional development.

Preparation for College

Saint Edward’s prepares every graduate for success in college and in life. The definition of that success is not measured by the name or wealth of a college a student is accepted into – success in college counseling is defined by making the right match for each child. The college counseling process begins in 8th grade to allow time for a student’s growth so that a child’s expectations more accurately reflect their abilities. Colleges and universities across the country know Saint Edward’s, its academic standards and our proven record of preparing students to succeed in college.

Saint Edward's School

1895 Saint Edward's Drive
Vero Beach, Florida 32963