Welcome from Head of School

Fall 2021

Dear Members of the Saint Edward’s School Community:

You will notice the theme for this Watermark issue is “Count on a Pirate.” I cannot think of a better theme that captures the spirit on our campus. 

To count on someone is to depend on them, especially in times of need, as well as in normal day-to-day life. We count on our faculty to be prepared to teach and work with students. We count on our cafeteria staff to prepare and serve lunches and snacks. We count on Miss Wanda to dutifully watch the front gate and to ensure she is allowing appropriate visitors to campus. We count on Deputy Cleveland to also keep us safe, day in and day out. We count on our students to be prepared to learn and participate in classes and co-curricular activities. And finally, we count on our parents to team with us to make the experience for their children as robust as it can be.

As I enter my second year as head of school at Saint Edward’s, I can think of numerous instances in which I have personally witnessed our Pirates helping someone in need. For example, you can count on a Pirate to sit down with you at the picnic table outside of the Benedict Library, where you were noticed to be eating lunch alone on your first day as a new student at Saint Edward’s School. You can also count on a Pirate to help build houses for Habitat for Humanity as well as collect food for The Food Pantry of Indian River County. You can count on a Pirate to carry your books to class when you are on crutches. You can count on a Pirate to be there when you need it. 

We have a community that has come together in times of celebration and times of sorrow. Our campus community resembles that of a family. At various times we all need support, and at various times we all need to be counted on to provide that support. This is what a family and a community are all about. 

You can always count on a Pirate to be there when you need them, in good times and bad. Counting on a Pirate doesn’t end when you graduate. Our Pirate family is being counted on all around the world, and they are delivering. We are fortunate to have so many who care and who are there for us when we need them.

Best wishes to you and your families as we head into the holiday season.