Welcome from Head of School

Summer 2020

Dear Saint Edward’s Community,

The past three months have been a whirlwind transitioning from our normal face-to-face schooling to a virtual model. I want to acknowledge the outstanding work of the academic task force, led by Jack MacMullan and the operational task force led by Beth Zamerski. I have also been involved in the Leadership Team meetings since May 4th. I am starting my 16th year in independent schools, and this team is the most talented group I have been associated with. We are truly blessed.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Mike Mersky and his 11 years of outstanding leadership. His navigation of our Pirate Ship has put our school in a phenomenal position for many great years ahead. Mike and I have been in touch daily for months now, and I appreciate his warm generosity, kindness, and friendship as we approached this transition. I have some really large shoes to fill!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for trusting Saint Edward’s School in educating your children. As a parent, I know many factors are considered when evaluating a school that’s best for your children. I am grateful that your family chose Saint Edward’s School. Before I begin presenting the details for re-entry at Saint Edward’s and what the school year will look like, I feel it is necessary for you to understand the lens from which we approached this challenging task.

• The first non-negotiable was that everything we did started and ended with the safety and welfare of everyone in our school community.
• The second non-negotiable was that through this process, our students would be engaged by an outstanding faculty in a variety of ways.
• The third non-negotiable was that we would advance the mission of the school.

I believe our students who walk through the doors at Saint Edward's every school day are not destined to walk at the same pace through their educational experiences. It is not a preset path through which all students must march to the same beat. Instead, students can reach their educational milestones skipping, walking, or running. This is my approach to education as a student-centered educator. Students and teachers are fellow explorers on a quest to make meaning of the world around them. These shared learning experiences for both the teacher and student are a fundamental component of establishing the fact we are all life-long learners.

I look forward to deepening my relationship with our entire community when we, as a team, get through this difficult time together. Until then, stay healthy and “Go Pirates!”