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Fall 2019

Dear Saint Edward’s School Community:
This edition of the Watermark is certainly near and dear to my heart in that it is devoted to “one remarkable weekend” at Saint Edward’s School. Truth be told, there are many remarkable weeks and weekends at the School, but this edition is depicting some extraordinary pieces of our School in a very short period of time. Earlier in the year, our School could have described a two-week period where the outreach to our School and community at large was indeed dramatic. It included Dad and Donuts, Pirate Family Picnic with record attendance, Alumni Legacy Breakfast with our now 107 Pirate students, a DC Alumni gathering, which gets larger each year, and it culminated with Homecoming/Spirit Week at the School, which included an Upper School Day of Service and Unity Day, giving that week some real substantive outreach by our School.

For all of my tenure at the School, we have focused on our mission and our strategic direction to be that “Private School with a Public Purpose.” Great independent schools in our nation serve their communities for the greater good. And Saint Edward’s School strives for those same initiatives on the Treasure Coast. As you read this edition of our Watermark, I hope many of you not only can visualize the robust programs and activities of that short period of time, but moreover, were in attendance to witness these spectacular events as well.

The talents of our whole School community are truly remarkable. I was at opening night for The Sound of Music on that Friday evening, and I marveled at the skill, the poise, the quality of the acting and singing, and the ability to pull it all together in those moments of performance. Many of us who speak in public regularly know that performing on stage in a play or musical takes a great deal more talent than some of us will ever have in our lives, and yet these students from the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools were nothing short of inspirational to watch. The show was a joy to behold, and as with most initiatives at our School, much credit must go to the adults who worked directly with those students namely Maggie and Jeremy Baker, Yvonne Miller, and Anthony Baron.

Lastly, and with all due respect to our athletic accomplishments that weekend, which were many, I was heartened to learn that our fundraising efforts were in full flight for our support of the Bahama relief work moving forward. Our funds went to purchasing a container to be barged to and from the Bahamas with supplies for their rebuild. Further, many of our wonderful families like the McGuires, Pratts, Sorensens, and Bartoschs have been diligent in their efforts for many weeks now. The container was painted by two of our senior girls, namely Catalina Pratt and Lucy Bergstrom during one full day, and I am so proud of them and their efforts, along with others who supported them along the way.

This one remarkable weekend is indeed a snapshot in time, but it is by no means our only snapshot worth mentioning in a school year, which is already full of accomplishments. It continues to be a privilege to serve and support this incredible community, its adults, and most importantly our students. I revel in their successes, and I am relishing every minute of the time I have left in this post at our School. Best wishes to all in our School community as we head into the holiday season.
Michael J. Mersky
Head of School 

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