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Wellness Mission Statement

Saint Edward’s School is committed to supporting the emotional, spiritual, and physical well being of our students, faculty, and parents through a program of education, prevention and intervention. Active across our three academic divisions, Wellness Team members evaluate the needs of our school community, offer brief counseling sessions and referrals to appropriate professionals, host chapel services, assist with planning of school assemblies, and serve as advocates for students. Wellness members care for our students using a holistic approach: mind, body, spirit.

Counseling Services

The counseling services team is composed of two division-specific counselors: one dedicated to the Lower School and one that serves the Middle and Upper School. Our counselors are devoted to supporting the social, emotional, and mental wellness of students. They work closely with faculty and staff in all divisions to ensure Saint Edward’s School is a vibrant, healthy community that prepares the next generation of leaders.

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Kristi Schofield

    Mrs. Kristi Schofield 

    LS School Counselor
  • Photo of Christy Bowles

    Ms. Christy Bowles 

    MS/US School Counselor

Services Provided

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  • Student & Family Support

    1. Meets with families to discuss their child’s needs 
    2. Meets with students individually or in group settings to provide mental health resources and assistance
    3. Assesses and refers students who may benefit from short term counseling from community professional(s) with parental permission
  • Faculty & Campus Wide Support

    1. Meets with teachers regarding any social-emotional or academic needs of students
    2. Provides professional development workshops for faculty
    3. Works closely with other support staff at SES: the Director of Learning Support Services, Chaplain, and School Nurse to care for students
    4. Contributes to the Advocacy and Assist programs, both integral parts of the lives of the Upper School students and teachers
    5. Incorporates character education curriculum in all levels


Jeanette Gollery-Kain is an R.N. who is also a nationally certified school nurse.  She cares for all students' illnesses or injuries that occur during school hours, and she is fully dedicated to the wellness of the entire Saint Edward’s School community.

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  • Photo of Jeanette Gollery Kain

    Mrs. Jeanette Gollery Kain 

Services Provided

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  • Campus Wide

    • Identify Health care needs
    • Asses acute illnesses , provide first aid
    • Assess & care for chronic conditions
    • Provide Emergency Health Care
    • Provide information about health related issues
    • Provide medications as needed - both prescription and nonprescription
    • Act as a resource person to parents and relay messages to staff on students needs.
    • Monitor nine AED machines, battery and electrodes to keep up to date.
    • Manage community epinephrine injector for campus.
  • Students

    • Provides care for students with diabetes, asthma, severe allergies, seizures & other special health concerns.
    • Administers physician-prescribed and over-the-counter medications provided by parents during school hours
    • Coordinate and conduct requested screenings for lower and middle school including vision, hearing and spinal screening.
    • Develop individualized health plans as needed on students with chronic conditions
    • Review all incoming physical exams and immunization records for compliance with the Florida Department of Health statutes.
    • Input all student immunizations into the Education Edge program.
    • Assist in providing faculty trip coordinators with student medical forms.
  • Faculty and Staff

    • Provide faculty with information about students with health conditions on students pre K thru 12 grade on an as needed basis.
    • Coordinate yearly Employee Flu Shots
    • Coordinate CPR classes for coaches and staff.
    • Assess acute illness, provide first aid.


As chaplain to the Saint Edward's community, Father Barrett will be present for students in their need of spiritual direction, prayerful support, and steadfast encouragement. His role will be as a pastor on campus, teacher in the classroom, and worship leader in chapel.  As a part of the Wellness Team, he hopes to meet students in their needs, to create a spiritual place where their faith can grow, to point them to God and His goodness, and to make them aware of God's dynamic call for them to serve others with compassionate hearts and discerning minds.

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  • Photo of John Barrett

    Rev. John Barrett 


Services Provided

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  • Community Wide Support

    • Provide spiritual guidance and direction for the community
    • Organize and lead Chapel and other liturgical services for all ages, including weddings, baptisms and funerals.
    • Educate the school community honor code in matters of integrity and ethical values
    • Serve as a highly visible, accessible parent resource and point of contact
    • Encourages compassion and understanding of all human beings
    • Promotes interfaith dialogue
  • Parent & Student Support

    • Encourages reflection upon spiritual dimensions of life
    • Teaches ethics honors to US students
    • Teaches character development
    • Educate the school community honor code in matters of integrity and ethical values
    • Serve as a highly visible, accessible parent resource and point of contact
    • Help new families integrate into the Saint Edward’s community
  • Staff & Classroom Support

    • Encourages reflection upon spiritual dimensions of life
    • Promote the well-being of all students, faculty and staff through pastoral care and provide support through life’s difficult moments.
    • Educate the school community honor code in matters of integrity and ethical values
    • Serve as a highly visible, accessible staff resource and point of contact


Jeremy's main focus is on athlete injury prevention, which includes clinical evaluations and injury diagnosis. He provides immediate care of injuries, treatment, rehab, and reconditioning of athletic injuries, and he develops, organizes and manages the physical components of athletics in the MS and US. He works closely with coaches in all divisions to ensure Saint Edward’s School's athletic program is a safe place for young athletes.

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  • Photo of Jeremy Gillan

    Jeremy Gillan 

    Associate Athletic Director/Athletic Trainer
    (772) 492-2170