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The Benedict Library

The Peter B. Benedict Library provides both Middle and Upper School students a pleasant place to research, study, and read. The service-oriented teaching library offers an array of print, electronic, video, audio, and computer resources in order to meet the wide-ranging needs of students and faculty at our Vero Beach high school. The facility also houses the Wahlstrom Writing Center offering individualized writing assistance. 
The mission of the Saint Edward’s Library media program is to create a stimulating learning environment in which all individuals are empowered to become independent life-long learners.  To this end we strive to teach our students to use information and technology effectively and ethically, and to love reading and literature. The library’s programs, resources, and services support and enhance the curriculum and intellectual life of the school, providing a resource-rich student-centered multimedia environment. 
The library staff welcomes opportunities to provide assistance, instruction or training that will enable students and faculty to use library resources effectively. They are also available to collaborate with teachers in the school to design units, lessons, and learning strategies to meet the varied needs of students 

Lower School Library

The Lower School Library's most important goal is to ensure that the library is a welcoming, warm, accessible, safe and friendly place for students to be. We encourage students to come to the library often and to spread the word about good books. We do this informally in the library and during daily chapel times. The library's instructional program is designed to promote recreational reading, introduce library skills, and to support the classroom teachers in all their studies. Children learn research techniques through use of the computerized card catalog and the Internet. 
The primary goal is that each student will become a lifetime lover of reading and a skilled user of information resources. Library skills are not taught in isolation, but as an extension of the classroom curriculum. The librarian wishes to provide all students with exposure to diverse opinions and perspectives. We encourage all students to think critically and solve problems.

Learn More About Student Resources

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  • Electronic Resources

    Students in Grades 6 through 12 have immediate access to a wealth of scholarly and academic resources around the clock. Anytime they need them, students use their computers to log on to the subscription databases provided on the School's library web site. 
    Children as young as Pre-K can access appropriate sites through an on-line list provided by the teachers. These sites enhance the learning in the classroom and make it easy for children to share what they have learned with their parents.
    Middle Schoolers begin to learn more sophisticated sources and they are instructed on the use of databases to search for primary source information. 
    Upper and Middle School students have access to a wide range of pre-screened resources known for the quality of their content. Subscriptions include Florida Electronic Library, National Institutes of Health and National Medical Library, the Library of Congress and the CIA Factbook, Literature Online, Newspapers and periodicals, encyclopedias and much more. 
  • Academic Learning Lab (ALL)

    ALL is a resource for the entire student community. The focus of the ALL is to provide students with strategies for effective and efficient study skills that complement their learning styles. Students can be referred by teachers or parents, or the students themselves may seek assistance through the A.L.L. After discussion, evaluation, and collaboration, specific strategies are suggested and supported.
    Students may seek assistance and guidance in the A.L.L. with note-taking, organization, time management, test- taking skills and exam preparation. A library of resources is available to students, parents, and teachers that includes resource materials, text books and novels in audio and DVD format. Resources are also shared with teachers and parents on a regular basis and are available on the school website.
    In the Fall of 2012, all students in grades 4 through 12 participated in a learning style inventory, which resulted in a written report that was shared with all students, their parents, and their advocates, or homeroom teachers. The report identified learning strengths and provided strategies to maximize academic potential, regardless of skill level. Annually, students who are new to Saint Edward’s and fourth grade students have the opportunity to participate in a learning style inventory.
  • Technology

    Students at the early childhood and elementary levels have frequent lessons using Ipads and desktop computers. The Ipads are particularly helpful for hands-on applications inside and outside of the classroom. Students in elementary science labs use a variety of scientific equipment to track results and all children in the Lower School have a minimum typing standard that they must meet before the leave 5th grade.
    Beginning in 6th grade computer technology is integrated seamlessly across the curriculum through grade 12. Students benefit from one-on-one computing in every classroom setting and organize and maintain all of their assignments using their computers. Students access all of the library's resources from anywhere on campus and from home 24/7. They check their assignments on-line, submit their homework directly to a teacher's inbox and review their grades and progress.
  • Facilities, Lab and Environment

    The physical environment within which we each spend our days is important to our health and well-being. Saint Edward's is blessed with a campus that is beautiful, secure and easily navigable. Classroom, lab, athletic and arts facilities are first and foremost safe and functional for children. The Lower School operates around an inner courtyard which allows children to move easily in and around the enclosed campus. The Middle School has a classroom wing complete with science labs. The Middle School campus is within the footprint of the Upper school which allows the middle schoolers easy access to shared fine arts facilities, the aquatic center and playing fields. Upper School students have an array of sophisticated science labs, spacious choral and instrumental music studios and visual arts studios. An extensive array of athletic playing fields, two gyms, and a performing arts center complete the campus. 
    The School's science programs make exceptionally good use of the natural environment surrounding the campus - especially the diverse Indian River Lagoon - one of the most unique natural environments in Florida. Students at all grade levels take boat trips on the lagoon to observe and learn about its wildlife, take water quality samples, go seining and learn good practices for caring for the natural world around them.

Saint Edward's School

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