College Counseling

Michele Sternberg, Director of College Counseling, Academic Dean

We start building relationships with students during their eighth grade year. This personalized approach supports students in learning about themselves and ultimately discovering the best path for their future.
College planning at Saint Edward’s School is a comprehensive, student-focused program. The philosophy of the program is that “college is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.” We help students find colleges that truly match their academic, extracurricular, geographic, and financial needs, regardless of name recognition. The cornerstone of the college counseling program is that academic advising is combined with college advising to ensure each student is taking the most appropriate courses aligned with the student’s interests, strengths, and college preferences.
The process begins in middle school as each eighth grader meets with his/her college counselor to discuss academic coursework for high school. This personalized academic advising continues every year to select courses which are appropriate to student expectations and suitable relative to academic record. College counseling becomes more intensive in the junior year.

Counselors work with students on college preference and exploration, college testing guidance, the application review, essay development, and the financial aid process. We offer evening programming for students and parents all four years of high school on pertinent college admission topics and we have a Junior Seminar Class and a Senior Seminar class run by our office.

Each Saint Edward’s student forms a strong relationship with his/her college counselor, resulting in a positive college application and admission experience. The college counselors know each of their students personally and advocate for them throughout the college admission process.

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    Michele Sternberg 

    Director of College Counseling/US Academic Dean
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    Ann Wald 

    Assistant Director of College Counseling
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    Jill Zoltak 

    Administrative Assistant, College Counseling
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    Associate Head of School / Head of Upper School
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    US History Teacher
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    US History Teacher
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