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Endowments are perpetual and established by donors who wish to ensure that their gift will add value to Saint Edward’s as one of the Best Florida schools today and for years to come. Endowment gifts benefit our current students as well as those of future generations.
Currently the market value of the Saint Edward’s endowment exceeds just over $14,000,000. The School has worked diligently to design a 2018-2023 Strategic Plan that carries this institution forward with vigor, vision and assured success. Now, in the coming three to five year period, the School turns to the most critical, and the most rewarding of its strategic initiatives: to substantially raise the School’s endowment through the establishment of endowed faculty chairs and named scholarship endowments.

Providing for Our Students

Our financial aid program is an integral part of the mission of Saint Edward’s School. Our commitment to diversity, and in particular economic diversity, allows us to strengthen our student population by funding talented students with limited financial means.

Support of Faculty

The School’s highest priority in the next three to five years is to build a faculty that represents the very best teaching resources for our children. From the arts, through the study of world languages, literature, math, and science, we are committed to building and maintaining a highly-skilled, intellectually robust, and stable faculty.

Support Funds

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  • Program Support Funds...

    ...enhance the curriculum and support programs vital to the school’s mission.

    The Margaret Bahl Chair in Foreign Languages Established in 1986 by trustees John Bahl and Mary Ann Becker as a memorial to Margaret Bahl to support the teaching of modern languages. 

    The Ball Athletic Fund Established in 2000 by parents Kyle and Chuck Ball to fund non-budgeted athletic program needs with priority being directed to the needs of the School’s Lacrosse program.

    The Robert F. and Eleonora W. McCabe Foundation Communication Endowment Established in 2006 by the McCabe Foundation through Eleanor and Robert McCabe this fund supports programs that teach strong verbal and writing skills to Saint Edward's students. 

    The Wachter Technology Fund Established in 1995 to honor the dedication and contributions of faculty members Joanie and Bruce Wachter to assist Saint Edward’s in fulfilling its commitment to the integration of technology in education.
  • Faculty Support Funds...

    recognize that a vital and energized faculty are the hallmark of an exceptional independent school. These gifts nourish and strengthen our faculty as well as honor their many achievements.

    The Brickman Foundation Endowed Faculty Chair Established in 2012 to support faculty professional development and compensation.

    The Busch Faculty Achievement Fund Established in 1990 by parents Joan and Peter Busch to provide recognition of faculty effort and achievement and to support faculty pursuing advanced degrees.

    The Hopkins Family Faculty Fund Established in 2001 by trustee Carter Hopkins and his family to strengthen the faculty of Saint Edward's School through support of faculty salaries and benefits.

    The Julie and Steven Brickman Family Endowed Faculty Chair Established in 2012 to support faculty professional development and compensation.

    The Morrison Waldrop Faculty Summer Stipend Endowed Fund Established in 2012 to support faculty professional development.

    The Richardson Family Foundation Chair for Distinguished Teaching Established in December 2000 by the Richardson Family Foundation to support and promote the quality of the Saint Edward’s School faculty.

    The Ross Family Faculty Fund Established in June of 2002 by Mrs. Elizabeth Ross, trustee, and parents Dr. and Mrs. George Ross to recognize the significant contributions of the Saint Edward’s School faculty in fulfilling the School’s mission. Annual support from the fund is directed toward insuring competitive compensation and benefits for the School’s faculty.

    The Faculty Fund Established as an open fund that helps Saint Edward’s attract and retain the best possible faculty, this fund supports faculty compensation and professional development.

    The Faculty Enrichment Fund Established as an open fund in 1988 to encourage and support faculty professional growth opportunities.
  • Facilities Support Funds...

    ensure that stewardship of our physical resources: our exceptional north and south campuses, our buildings – both new and historic, and our playing fields, are of the highest quality. 

    Becker Pool Fund Established in 1989 by grandparent Lillian Becker, trustee and parent Mary Ann Becker and her husband Bill Becker to help maintain the Becker Pool and Fitness Center. 

    The Blue Diamond Park Maintenance Fund Established in 1992 by parents Andrew and Robin Williams and Robin’s parents, Alvin and Marge Wunderlich, to provide ongoing maintenance for our Blue Diamond Park baseball facilities. 

    The Minotty Library Fund Established in 1988 by trustee and parent Denise Minotty and her husband Dr. Paul Minotty to foster growth of the Lower School library collection. 

    The Nancy Kirkenslager Fund Established in 2003 this fund honors the memory of Nancy Kirkenslager, a parent and former President of the Saint Edward’s Parents' Association by purchasing library resources for the lower school library. 

    The Upper School Library Fund Established in 1991 to provide ongoing maintenance support for the Peter B. Benedict Library.
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Any donor wishing to explore the establishment of a named fund or wishing to add to an existing fund may contact Kathy Savage, Director of Development at 772-231-5192 or email