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Through creative engagement, meaningful participation, and reasoned argumentation, Saint Edward’s students practice the skills to become active members in the global community. Our mission is to encourage students to be healthy, conscientious global citizens, guided by the fundamental values of honesty, kindness, respect, and responsibility in all that they do.
We believe that mastery of the core disciplines combined with rigorous development of critical thinking skills is fundamental to the education of informed, versatile, and creative young adults. Saint Edward’s Upper School teachers support risk taking yet still expect precise content knowledge not merely for its own sake but for the sake of collaborative and productive intellectual endeavors.

A Saint Edward’s School education seeks to graduate young adults who:
  • possess broad knowledge and understanding of the arts, history, literature, mathematics, physical education, science, and world languages.
  • are capable of using this mastery in the thoughtful interpretation and critical analysis of new information.
  • are effective communicators, able to write and speak with clarity and originality in multiple languages.
  • demonstrate leadership, empowering others and inspiring a shared vision among their peers and the larger community.
  • who are disciplined and creative problem solvers, prepared to engage new challenges methodically and purposefully.
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Upper School News

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  • Spanish Honor Society Induction Ceremony

    Spanish Honor Society Students Inducted

    MJ (lk)
    Sra. Heard hosted a lovely induction ceremony Friday afternoon as part of the Nuestra América chapter. The SES chapter was registered in 2016, but its inaugural induction took place in October 2019 with 26 new members and 9 students recognized with gold (working fluency) and silver (functional fluency) recipients of the Global Seal of Biliteracy. This year's seal recipients took an additional voluntary assessment to qualify since their 2019 AP Spanish Language and Culture exam would not suffice. The assessment measured their listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. All students passed the assessment, and hence, they're being celebrated. It has been a one-of-a-kind year, to say the least, but at Saint Edward's we will continue to celebrate students' achievements with great enthusiasm!

    Congratulations to the following students: Kiran Arain, Catherine Caldwell, Ben Evans, Amira Hussamy, Laurel Logemann, Olivia Pickering, Taylor Wolfe.
    Congratulations also go to the Global Seal of Biliteracy Recipients: Farzaan Naeem, Christopher Powell, John Sarbak, Zayna Shaikh.
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  • Dockside Chats with Dr. Hirstein: Episode 1

    Under normal circumstances, parents would be able to see and chat with  Dr. Hirstein in the hallways during conference time, so we thought it was a good opportunity to kick off a brief "get to know you" video series. Today's episode covers a little background as well as his leadership philosophy. Future episodes will highlight things that motivate him, his goals, and an entertaining lightning round that sheds some light on his personality. Click here to watch video

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If you are a parent or student looking for the best Vero Beach high school experience, consider Saint Edward's School. The course of study concentrates on a core college preparatory curriculum with the added flexibility of completing college-level work through our rigorous Advanced Placement Program.

A highly qualified faculty is responsible for the development of the academic program, creating intellectual opportunities to help students acquire knowledge, and to develop analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. The school expertly prepares students to be successful at each stage of their high school academic careers and beyond.

We operate on a two-semester system. Freshmen and sophomores take a core foundation of courses in English, fine arts, foreign language (including Mandarin Chinese), history, mathematics, physical education, religion and science. Each semester, students take at least five courses that meet six times in a seven-day cycle. In the classroom, Saint Edward's School strives to maintain an optimum size of 15-18 students.

At all high school levels, students explore areas of their particular interest, choosing from an array of electives, selecting more advanced course-work when they are ready and enrolling in college-level Advanced Placement courses.

During their four years at Saint Edward's Upper School in Vero Beach, high school students will experience important aspects of university and college programs. No one student's course of study is ever precisely the same as another's.

If you're looking for a Vero Beach high school where your child can work closely with faculty advisors, actively participate in designing their own plan of study, and work with the academic and college counseling department, look no further than Saint Edward's School. In doing so, your child will learn to make informed choices based on individual interests, goals and abilities. The result is an educational experience that both challenges and inspires.


  • Is your child ready for Freshman year?

    Is Your Child Ready for Freshman Year