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The Watermark Magazine

The Watermark magazine is the School’s major print publication. The magazine is produced twice a year and is mailed to over 4,500 constituents of the School and shares how the School is supporting its philosophical mission. The publication shares information about the School like campus news, highlights, alumni news annual report data. Click on the Watermark cover to read the latest issue.

The Weekly eNews

The Weekly eNews is the School’s weekly email/pushpage news publication. It is produced each week during the school year and is sent to approximately 1,500 constituents of the School and is a primary communication tool for sharing information with parents and students. The publication shares information about the School like campus news, upcoming events, program highlights and achievements.

Student Publications

List of 7 frequently asked questions.


    All families receive one complimentary yearbook per family.  

    Families that desire additional copies should pre-order additional books 

    *Orders for additional books should be placed before DECEMBER 1.
    **Books orders placed by or before this date are distributed along with the complimentary family copies. Books orders placed after this date will be placed on a wait list; these orders will be filled contingent on availability after family and pre-order distribution is complete.

    Click on the link below to place your order:
    *You will be asked to provide the following information:
    • AMOUNT: $100 (per book)
    • STUDENT NAME: Please include student name here if book is being purchased for a student; staff and others may enter their own name here.

    • Schedule appointments with professional photographers early this summer; before school starts.
    • The final portrait image file (.JPEG) must be sent to by September 21. 
      *Many times photographers’ schedules fill up early, inclement weather occurs, and delays are inevitable, so plan ahead!

    Digital portraits MUST be vertically oriented.
    • We reserve the right to modify all photos to optimize placement. 
    • The senior portraits may also be used for an ad for the Press Journal, and for various parts of graduation exercises.
    • We can only accept digital photos as a JPG/JPEG  at 300 dpi+ resolution.

    Photo Submission:
    •  Email to  (*preferably have your photographer send one vertically oriented photo of your choice directly to yearbook@
      *if you cannot send (or have your photographer send) your photo via email:
    • Deliver to Mrs. Zoltak on a CD, DVD, flash drive clearly labeled with student’s name. 
      • If needed, you may take your original photos to be scanned (at Walgreens or CVS) and put on a CD.
      • Please DO NOT send in any original photos.

    Various local photographers include: (*Prices vary so please check)
    • Jon Pine, 772-778-5250,, email: 
    Martina’s Photography, 772-532-3209,, email: 
    • John Eisinger, 772-562-5411,, email: 
    • Wendy Naughtin Photography, 772-766-5373, email: 
    • Diane Dultmeier (Stuart photographer), 772-223-0451,             
    • Donna and John Boudrot, 772-567-8398,, email: 
    • Hilary Mullarkey, 516-238-8708, 
    • Kirsten Kowalski, 678-386-4751,, email: 
    • Marie Irene Photography, 772-473-8892,, email:
    • Verola Studios, 772-231-6777,, email:
    • Daisy Burns, 772-713-8402,, email:
    • Betsy Carothers, 847-274-3573,, email:


    Each year the yearbook has a spread that features senior's baby photos.
    Please send in only one baby photo. We know it's hard to choose just one, but one is all we need for this spread, so send your favorite!

    Please DO NOT send in any original photos.

    You can submit your senior's baby photo one of the following ways:
    - Email to YEARBOOK@STEDS.ORG. Please include the STUDENT’S NAME + SENIOR BABY PHOTO in the subject line.
    - On a CD, DVD, or flash drive clearly marked SENIOR BABY PHOTO with your child’s name and your contact information to the receptionist in the front office. 
    *If needed, you may take your original photo to be scanned at Walgreens and put on a CD. A staff member will send verification when your photo is received. 

    Again, please DO NOT send in any original photos.

    NOTE: ALL digital photos submitted for use in the yearbook must be in the JPG file format, and they MUST be at least 300 dpi resolution. (*Pictures from Facebook and cellphones will not work – the resolution is too low).

    SENIOR ADS are the perfect way to honor your graduate.
    • A full page ad can be purchased.
    • Full page ads typically include 10-12 high res photos and copy (a message to the student from their family).
    • You can have your ad professionally designed and submitted print ready or designed by a yearbook staff member in house.
    • If you plan to purchase a SENIOR AD, any former senior parent will tell you that choosing the 10-12 photos that will be used is the hardest part, so start gathering those photos TODAY!
    Details about ordering your Senior Ad are found in the  SENIOR AD ORDERING INFORMATION. 

    Want to pay online? Click on the link below to pay for your order online:


    *You will be asked to provide the following information:
    • AMOUNT: $500
      (*Payment can be divided into two payments: 50% now and 50% in October)
    • STUDENT NAME: Please include student name here for which ad is being purchased 
    **YOU MUST STILL TURN IN THE ORDER FORM - just indicate on the form that you paid online.



    SES Yearbook Trim Size: 9” wide x 12” tall
    (This is the cut size of the actual page in the book)
    AD SIZE DIMENSIONS (w x h in inches)
    Full page, bleed (with .125" bleed off all edges)...... 9.25" x 12.25"
    Full page, no bleed............................................................. 8" x 10.5"
    Half page.................................................................................. 8" x 5" (not an option for Senior Ads)
    *All copy and art elements should be inset 0.5” from the final trim on all four sides to avoid being clipped off in the printing process.


    Professionally Designed Yearbook Ads:  
    • Must be delivered PRINT READY as a JPG/JPEG; resolution has to be 300 dpi or higher and the correct ad dimensions  (see above)
    • All ads MUST include the SENIOR or BUSINESS name.

    SES Yearbook Staff Designed Yearbook SENIOR Ads:  
    • You may submit up to 12 photos for the ad.
    • ALL digital photos must be in the JPG file format; they MUST be at least 300 dpi resolution.
      • (Pictures from Facebook and most phone cameras will not work – the resolution is too low) We reserve the right to edit photos or messages that we determine are inappropriate.
    • Text/copy should be send as a .TXT file or in the body of an email; please do not submit handwritten copy (*the text that goes in the ad)

    Yearbook Ad FILE SUBMISSION Guidelines:

    • Files should be submitted via email as attachments when possible.
      Email files to 
    • Files may also be submitted on CD, DVD or USB drive. Be sure the STUDENT or BUSINESS name and your CONTACT INFO is included and clearly marked.
    BLEED; There is no white border; the ad color or graphics extend to/beyond the page and fill the page completely.

    Each year the senior class has a GROUP PHOTO taken for the yearbook, At this time, a photo is also taken of the Diehards (Students who have attended SES since first grade or earlier). This photo is usually taken early in the school year (late September/early October). The Class of 2019 will take the Senor Class Photo and  the Diehards Photo on Monday, August 20. 

    The senior class photo has been taken at a variety of local locations over the years. Once a location is decided upon and a photographer is scheduled by the yearbook staff, the date of the photo shoot is added to the school calendar, and senior students and parents will be sent information via email regarding photo day details (location, any special outfit instructions (i.e. wear a certain color shirt, etc...). For the Class of 2019, the girls should wear a white dress or shirt and skirt and the boys should wear a white button down shirt and khaki bottoms.

    This is a special senior tradition that each class looks forward to each year!
    • sundial logo 1

      sundial logo 1

The Sundial

Under the direction of the upper school English department, a creative and motivated group of students produce the new Sundial blog. Some may remember that in its original form, the Sundial was a literary magazine released at the end of the School year.  Now, thanks to the benefits of the internet, the SES community gets to share and enjoy literature and art by our students and staff twice a month. We will publish new submissions on the second and fourth week of each month via the eNews, and the entire collection is available here as well. Special thanks goes to our faculty for keeping these students on task, and for encouraging them to share their talents and gifts.

The Informant

Thank you for taking the time to read this publication. The Informant is a labor of love for the members of Saint Edward’s Social Justice Club. As affirmed in our mission statement, “Saint Edward’s Social Justice Club aims to inform and empower members of our school community about social justice concerns both big and small.”

To that end, it is our hope that this publication, which is now entirely written, edited and designed by Saint Edward’s students, will reach the hearts and minds of every member of the student body. Special thanks to the faculty members who make this publication possible and who always fight for freedom of speech and opinion on this campus.

- Your Informant Staff

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Student Publications


The Crow's Nest, The Sundial and The Informant

  • November



    Marie Campione (lk)
    To read more spooky selections, check out the SUNDIAL HALLOWEEN COMPILATION 2019

    Graveyard Shift
    by Jensen Manelski 

    Humston has a legend as old as the dirt beneath it. 

    The legend lies in strange places, they’ll tell you; the alleyway next to the old movie theater, graffitied, grey foam stuffing bit out from its red-and-gold trim seats; the private school a little ways from 43rd, unkempt in its state of disuse, its second floor caving in just a bit too far for comfort; the forest in the Jacksons’ backyard, not that anyone could get there - the Jacksons’ haven’t been seen in town since ‘48, but they’ve got to be around, really, ‘cause the lights are still on at nighttime. They’ll tell you that the legend lies in the smoke coming from the chimney of the Inn, a bed-and-breakfast run by a mother and her daughter, two strange little women with the same hooked nose and the same pair of bifocals. They’ll tell you that the legend lies in sundown, in the game of kick-the-can you really shouldn’t be out playing this late, young lady. They’ll tell you that the legend lies right outside your door, but it won’t get you, just as long as you’re in bed having taken your syrup by nine o’clock sharp, and I mean on the money, kid - no playtime, we’ll be home by eleven. They’ll tell you, later, that it was never there at all, and you’ll believe them, ‘cause you’re thirteen now, and you don’t believe in boogeymen at thirteen, no sir, and just because you rush home on your silver bike after cheer practice doesn’t mean you do. You’ve cut the pink bell off of the handle because it’s an awful lot of noise for a silent street, not because the silence begins to scare you after dark. You’re cautious, that’s all. There are stranger things you have to be watching out for, lying in even stranger places. [click headline to read entire story].

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  • October

    THE CROW'S NEST YEARBOOK: 2019 Dedication and Recognition

    The Crow's Nest Yearbook: 2019 Dedication and Recognition

    Yearbook Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Zoltak and Senior Design Editor Catherine Campione revealed the 2019 Crow's Nest at an assembly in April. Once again this year the Crow's Nest has been recognized in Walsworth's Gallery of Excellence. Only 5% of the books published nationally are included in this esteemed group,

    During the assembly, US English faculty member Bill Keating was suprised and honored to be chosen for this year's Yearbook Dedication. Elizabeth spoke about Mr. Keating during the assembly (click headline to read more).

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  • September



    Dear Seniors and Parents, Senior portraits and baby photos are due Friday, September 20.  
    1.   Portraits MUST be VERTICALLY oriented.
    2.   We reserve the right to modify all photos to optimize placement. 
    3.  The senior portraits may also be used for an ad for in local publications and for various parts of graduation exercises. 
    4.  We can only accept digital photos as a JPG/JPEG  at 300 dpi+ resolution.
    5.  Email to or deliver to Mrs. Zoltak on a CD, DVD, flash drive clearly labeled with student’s name. 
    6.  Please do not send original pictures.
    1.  The yearbook has a spread that features baby photos for the seniors (one photo per senior).  Please send in only one baby photo.
    2.  Email to or deliver to Mrs. Zoltak on a CD, DVD, flash drive clearly labeled with student’s name. 
    3.  Please do not send original pictures, as the photo cannot be returned.
    The Crow’s Nest Yearbook 
    Saint Edward’s School
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  • April

    SUNDIAL SHARES: April Poetry Event

    SUNDIAL SHARES: April Poetry Event

    Katie Alerte (lk)
    Roses are red, violets are blue,
    April is for poetry
    Show us what you can do!

    In this year’s “Escapril” challenge, students nationwide are writing daily poems for the month of April. Sundial wants to get Saint Edward’s in on the fun!

    To enter, any member of the school community can write a poem on one of the thirty prompts accessed by clicking this article's title. Please email all poems to Katie Alerte ( and Audrey Hill ( by April 26th. The poems will be published on May 3rd.

    Thank you and happy poetry-ing!
    (Click headline for prompts.)

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  • March

    Morgan Moss Citrus Painting

    SUNDIAL SHARES: A Short Story by Katie Alerte and Art by Morgan Moss

    Katie Alerte
    Based on the prompt: You are a time traveler and have been stuck in the Roman Empire for years. On the Ides of march of 44 BC after Caesar has been assassinated, you hear someone say, “This is so sad Alexa play Despacito”

    I have to talk to him.
    It’s stupid, it breaks protocol, and I might be killed if I do so, but I have to.
    A crowd has gathered in the town square and people yell and cheer. Some happy at the death of their ruler and others terrified as to what it means for the fate of the empire. I should be among them, trying to blend in as best as a can, but the sound of those words, that stupid meme that always made me cringe when I heard it in the hallways at school, makes my hair stand on end. (Click on headline to continue reading)
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  • February

    The Informant: Spring 2019

    The Informant: Spring 2019

    Annette G
    The Social Justice Club released the 2018-19 edition of The Informant this month. This issue includes :
    Banned Books and Social Justice in Literature - Katie Alerte and Clara Martin
    The LGBTQ Community Under the Current Administration - Lauren Savage
    Access to Healthcare in the United States - Zayna Shaikh
    Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia - Katie Croom
    The Current State of Affairs in Colombia - Toby Tettamanti
    Technology and its Effects on Society - Farzaan Naeem
    Climate Change: A Human Rights Issue - Anand Chundi
    Cover Art by Rebecca Wickham

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  • January


    SUNDIAL SHARES: "Winter in the Village" by Clara Martin

    Katie Alerte
    I was born in a snowstorm, or so my mother tells me. My first birthday happened during one of the largest blizzards New York City had ever seen. Every birthday after, I would fall asleep to the sounds of police horse hooves and city miscellania, holding onto the hope of a snowstorm when I woke.
    (*click headine to read more)

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  • Sundial Shares

    SUNDIAL SHARES: "Snow" and "Blizzard" by Charlotte Yates

    Katie Alerte
    White flakes fluttering down
    From the bright, blue sky
    To the sun and the wind
    The snow will not comply

    (*click headline to read more)

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