Lower School

Parent Survey Respondant

Our daughter is so happy and that makes us happy also. She feels safe and is coming home fulfilled with all the new learning experiences. She has excellent teachers and is getting exposed to Spanish and music which I feel are so important. PE is another highlight, as is the playground. She has enough space and time to run around and play so she is tired at the end of the day and goes to bed happy! We have been extremely pleased with the experience our daughter is having in the Lower School at Saint Edward's School.

What Makes Our Lower School Special?

At Saint Edward's School, we believe it is important to establish a relationship based on trust with our young students in order to build a strong and safe foundation that allows the children to approach their learning journey with confidence. A strong sense of trust enables them to pursue their curiosity and wonder. Problem-solving, based on the THINK Mathematics learning strategies, begins in Little Pirates (our PreK-4 program). The teachers at all levels create age-appropriate problems and encourage the children to solve the problems either in a group setting or individually. This problem-solving method is not exclusive to math but is effective in solving social issues and academic questions across the curriculum. This approach encourages self-reliance and creates capable life-long learners.

We want to get to know you!

The Lower School at Saint Edward's is a special place, and we would love the opportunity to help you get to know us better! We are eager to learn more about your child, your family, and the type of independent school education you're seeking so that we can answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to determine if Saint Edward's Lower School is the right fit for your family.

See What Current Families are Saying about SES:

Saint Edward's School's reputation is amazing. The student-teacher relationships, attention to detail and just an amazing community feeling helped make the choice simple!
The size, the rigorous curriculum and the friendly, caring community distinguishes SES and drew us to this school. We are very satisfied.