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The learning environment at the Lower School focuses on the academic, social and emotional well-being of the students. From the first day of Pre-kindergarten, students are made aware of the global world beyond their immediate surroundings. We use a variety of activities and experiences that encourage responsible, independent and caring individuals. Kindness and respect, as well as the core subjects and enrichment opportunities, are key factors in our daily instruction.
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It is important to gain the trust of our young students in order to establish a strong and safe foundation that allows the children to approach their learning journey with the confidence that enables them to pursue their curiosity and wonder. Problem solving, based on the Singapore math strategies, begins in Pre-kindergarten. The teachers at all levels create age appropriate problems and encourage the children to solve the problems either in a group setting or individually. This problem solving method is not exclusive to math, but is effective in solving social issues or many other academic questions. This approach encourages self-reliant and capable life-long learners.


  • Welcome to the Lower School

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  • Mars Rover Unit

    LS Science Students Prepare for Mars Landing

    MJ (lk)
    Mrs. Hudson's science students studied a spectrum of topics related to Thursday's Mars landing. They built and tested rocket models, conducted landing tests and used their problem-solving skills to design and run Knex Perseverance Rovers. Check out this highlights video that proves science is fun and challenging!
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