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Mrs. Eder, mother of Kim Eder—Germany

I would like to personally thank Saint Edward's and the Host Family for being so nice and welcoming to our daughter. It was the perfect school and the perfect host family for her.

HOST FAMILIES: The Key to the International Student Experience at SES

Students are warmly welcomed into the campus community and into the homes of our host families. Undeniably, one of the most integral components of student success and happiness at school is the homestay experience. There is no better way to learn a new language and culture than to fully immerse oneself within it, and the homestay plays an invaluable role in that development. Therefore, Saint Edward’s School places top priority on the background screening process and homestay selection.
  • Careful screening process that includes: fingerprinting, a thorough background check, drug screening and homesite visit.
  • Student applications and Host Family Questionnaires help to align students with potential host families based on like-minded interests or hobbies, family dynamics and background, possible shared experiences, likes and/or dislikes.
  • Dedicated full-time International Program Coordinator on call 24/7 during school year for emergencies and overall student support.
  • In addition to one-to-one “routine check-ins” with the International Program Coordinator, students are welcome to schedule a time to meet with the coordinator to discuss any possible concerns they may have at school, or within the homestay.

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Thank you for your interest in learning more about becoming an international student host family for Saint Edward's School! We are eager to get to know you, answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to determine if becoming a Saint Edward's School international student host family is the right fit for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the basic requirements for becoming a host family?

    First and foremost, hosts should seek to welcome students in their home as another member of their family; treating the student as one would their own child. The minimum each family should be able to provide is a private or shared bedroom with their own bed, a private or shared bathroom, three meals a day and transportation to and from school or the bus stop as well as on the weekends. We ask that families take into account the full American high school experience and encourage their students to become involved in all the school has to offer including, sports, plays and clubs, and establish friendships.
  • When will my student arrive and what is the duration of their stay?

    Full-year students stay for the 10-month academic year: They arrive in August and depart at the end of May.  We do have some students that come for just the Fall (August-December) or Spring (January-May) semesters. There are also opportunities to host for a weekend if the host family is out of town.
  • Can you tell me more about the students?

    Our students are typically 14-19 years of age (9-12 grades) and come from various communities including Asia and Europe.   Most of the students arrive with at least conversational English; although, many are coming to in order to improve and polish their English language skills.
  • What does the application process entail?

    We work with several placement agencies as well as students who contact us directly.  For either, the hosting process includes a short application that asks about your family, hobbies, community and work in order to make an appropriate placement. We also require a home visit and background check to complete the process. 
  • Do I have to have a student at Saint Edward’s in order to participate?

    No, you do not. We encourage a variety of families, single parents, older couples as well as Saint Edward’s community members to participate.  If you have hosted previously, consider getting a friend involved. We see this as an opportunity to be valuable to the greater 
    Vero Beach community as well. 
  • Are host families offered any compensation for hosting?

    Yes, there is a monthly stipend to offset the costs associated with providing three meals a day, transportation, and other living expenses. 
  • Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

    Please reach out to us at or 772-492-2366 if you have further questions.

Michele Sternberg—Saint Edward’s School Host Mom

Our host daughter was such an amazing influence on our boys, that not only did we host her for the two years she was at Saint Edward’s, but she returned back to our home from college to spend Christmas with us!