Saint Edward’s School provides a superior learning environment for our students to achieve  a quality education grounded in the teachings of the Judeo-Christian tradition. At the same time, we strive to provide a positive working environment where outstanding faculty and staff members are rewarded for their excellence.
As a faith-based institution, our philosophy demands that the dignity of the individual be respected and nurtured.  We are dedicated to maintaining good working conditions, competitive wages and benefits, open communications, and employee involvement.

Over the years, this School has earned a fine reputation in our field. We know that our reputation is a direct result of the loyalty, commitment and continued efforts of our employees.
    • Faculty

    • Non-teaching staff

    • Substitutes & Seasonal

  • To inspire young people to develop a passion for learning, to cultivate reasoned perspectives, and to foster a variety of personal skills.
  • To nurture in each person a deep sense of respect, responsibility, reverence, and compassion; and
  • To challenge all to envision and work toward creating a better world.
  • To develop dynamic educational programs that attract and retain the highest quality students and faculty
  • To be recognized for excellence in all programs so that our graduates are pursued by the most competitive, prestigious colleges and universities.
  • To create a positive personal working relationship with each child and each family to create a true sense of community in all our endeavors.

How to Apply

To be considered for any position, please email a cover letter and resume to sgreaves@steds.org


  • Bus Driver - Part Time
    This is a 10-month position, hours may vary.  Please submit resume with certifications listed to sgreaves@steds.org

Mission Statement

Saint Edward’s School is a community and culture that promotes lifelong learning by developing critical thinking, collaboration, and a thorough preparation for college and the future. Founded upon the Episcopal tradition, the focus is on the whole child, led by a strong faculty who work to help all students reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond.