School Life

Community Service, Clubs and School Traditions

Community Service

To promote a sense of responsibility, community, and leadership, the School encourages all students to participate in school service activities and service to the community. By the time a class celebrates Commencement, they have an average of over 7,000 hours of community service.
In the Upper School, service to the School community and outside community service are required for graduation. All students are assigned a school service task to be completed once or twice a cycle during a non-academic period.

The Parents Association and the faculty lead by example and frequently engage in local service projects. Every year the Parents Association organizes a School-wide Soup Day to benefit the Samaritan Center, and the student-driven Community Service Club organizes a Thanksgiving food drive, and a Christmas tree angel gift drive for migrant worker’s children. In addition, the entire Upper School participates in a Day of Service, where students and teachers join local charities to improve our community.

In the past students have received many service awards from organizations including Guardian Ad Litem, Habitat for Humanity, Hibiscus House, the Samaritan Center and others.

We celebrate Pirate Pride all year long.

Cherished traditions such as Spirit Week, Unity Day and ABC Day give students a creative outlet to develop memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Even Lower School students participate in their own traditions such as the Christmas Concert, which is the cutest, fanciest night on the School calendar.
    • Grandparents Day

    • Homecoming

    • Senior / First Grade Buddies

As part of the School’s mission to focus on the whole child, the academic, arts and athletic offerings are supplemented by clubs and enrichment programs which are organized during the school day in the Middle and Upper Schools and after school in the Lower School. Faculty members advise and coordinate the clubs but the nature and offering of clubs each semester is student-driven. If a student wants to organize a new club based on an interest they share with a group of friends, s/he simply needs to find a faculty member willing to sponsor the club.

Recently Offered Clubs

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  • A Capella Club

  • Active Minds

  • Pirate SuperFans

  • Basketball

  • Book Club

  • Breaking Barriers

  • Chemistry Experiment

  • Community Service Club

  • Debate Club

  • Drama Club

  • Indoor Soccer

  • Kenya Tutoring Project

  • Model UN

  • Peer Tutoring

  • Music Producer’s Club

  • Robotics Club

  • Self Defense Club

  • Social Justice Club

  • Sundial

  • Tarot Club

  • Mu Alpha Theta