Managing Stress with Ms. Borkovic

With a global pandemic slowing eating at everything we once knew to be normal like going to school, seeing friends and participating in team sports, lives have become extremely stressful. Here are some tips from Ms. Borkovic on how to manage stress.

1. Have A Regular schedule! Go to bed and wake up at structured times; set aside distinct time for homework that is separate from your classes.
2. Eat well! Make sure you are eating healthy and nutritious food, not just sugary treats.
3. Hangout - Virtually! Be sure to have a video or call with your friends to stay connected. You can play a game or just chat, but staying connected is critical to your people!
4. Do Things That Bring Joy! Build in time each day to do things you enjoy like drawing, singing, playing/listening to music, going outside, writing, reading, cooking, doing yoga, running, playing a board game, being with your family, petting your dog, etc.
5. Your Thoughts Matter! This is a difficult time for everyone, so make sure you are giving yourself positive reinforcement to motivate yourself. Remember to have a growth mindset perspective about this challenge!

Contributed by Grace Haller (8)