Seventh Grade English Students Use Technology to Build Powers of Persuasion

Persuading their peers to read their chosen novel is the final challenge 7th grade English students are taking on this year. To succeed, they are using an array of technology.  Firstly, they learned about Aristotle's appeals - ethos, pathos, and logos - by attending a mini-lecture on Edpuzzle and responding to in-video questions. They then viewed a number of commercials on YouTube and categorized them in a three-set Venn diagram on Lucidchart. In class this week, they identified that the two appeals which would most likely help them convince their peers to read their books would be pathos and ethos. The final step is to write the script for and film their book talks, and post them on Flipgrid. Et voila - a shared, peer-reviewed book list for their summer reading pleasure!

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