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Digital Leadership

Upper School

Digital leadership continues an open conversation throughout Upper School through the Advocacy Program where students have the opportunity and freedoms to understand and navigate their online world.  Classroom discussions, student-led presentations that set our own unique digital context help our Upper School students ready themselves for life in college and beyond.  
Middle School

Students in Saint Edward’s Middle School continue building their digital citizenship acumen through their academic classes.  6th Grade students build their technology for learning skill-set while continuing to hone their digital sense in Skills Class.  Students in 7th Grade use the Reading, Writing and Technology Wheel class to continue their research and build knowledge of fair use and further deepen the navigation of their online lives socially in their wheel class on “Seven Habits of Effective Teens”.  8th Grade builds continued digital citizenship throughlines into Character Education Wheel Class with students rounding out Middle School with a holistic and open discussion and understanding of their lives in the digital world across their academics.  
Pre-Kindergarten (PreK) / Junior Kindergarten (JK)

Students in PreK and JK learn the basics of having 1:1 access to an iPad for their learning in their classrooms and lay a firm foundation for their continued behaviors, habits and good practices as they grow with this technology academically and personally.  

Kindergarten-Grade 3
Students are given real-world guidance about their emergent lives in the digital world to reinforce safe learning in a connected world and to establish and practice digital habits that will be with them for life.  Teachers and Academic Technology Coordinator involve students in conversations that help them navigate their online worlds and establish communication etiquettes through email and other online communication tools.  

Intermediate Grade 4 and 5
Students in Fourth and Fifth Grade have scheduled times to work with the Lower School Academic Technology Coordinator where an explicit Digital Citizenship curriculum is delivered.  Drawing from recognized, age appropriate resources, students look at and discuss a gamut of topics including;
  • What is Digital Citizenship?
  • Email and communicating responsibly
  • Cyberbullying (What it is and how to handle it!)
  • Respecting each other
  • Giving credit to other’s work
  • Phishing and Hoaxes (how to recognize and avoid being tricked online!)
  • Privacy (what not to share)
  • How Long Things Stay on the Internet

Saint Edward's School

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