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Chinese Advanced Placement Language

These advanced level courses prepare students for the Chinese AP Language exams, and test a student’s spontaneous conversation, listening and reading comprehension, essay writing and grammar abilities. The daily class routine empowers students to meet these challenges through a wide variety of grammar review exercises, impromptu oral exercises and discussions of works of literature and other authentic materials. These classes are conducted entirely in the target language. Students are encouraged to take advantage of School-sponsored travel or exchange opportunities to countries where these languages are spoken.

Chinese 1 (Mandarin) Honors

This course introduces students to the four skills of effective communication: speaking (phonetics and pronunciation/pattern drills), listening (emphasis on the tones), and writing (traditional characters are emphasized over simplified characters) and reading. Fundamental grammatical structures, core vocabulary and Chinese culture are integrated into these four skills.

Chinese 2 (Mandarin) Honors

This course continues to develop and refine the acquisition of the four skills of level one: speaking, listening, writing and reading. More complex grammatical structures, a wider variety of vocabulary and the culture of China are continually integrated with these four skills. Much of this class is conducted in Chinese.

Chinese 3 & 4 (Mandarin) Honors

These classes are structured to meet the needs of students who have completed the first two levels of Chinese. These classes provide opportunities for students to improve both their aural and oral communication as well as the acquisition of more characters. These classes are conducted primarily in Chinese.

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