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Saint Edward’s School offers science programs that thrill and engage young minds through hand-on projects, experiential learning and observation of the natural world around them.

Beginning in Pre-kindergarten through Grade 12.

Lower School Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5

Children naturally find science fascinating and fun from an early age. Why shouldn't learning science be as easy as it was the first day your child explored the outdoors, or built a block tower or played with their food?

“ In the lower school we conduct an in-depth study of topics, and students are actively engaged in the curriculum. Students use the scientific methods to conduct experiments on a regular basis (not just during science fair), and students learn how to collect and analyze data. “  - Lower School Science Teacher

Middle School Grades 6 to 8

“ Middle School Science is project based, exploratory, and we spend considerable time out in the field (primarily at the lagoon). Students in 7th grade, for example, begin with a look at the characteristics that all living things share and how organisms are classified. They learn the parts, characteristics, and functions/processes of cells. This includes use of a microscope to observe mitosis. We learn about the diversity of life from nonliving viruses up through the complex vertebrates. Students observe protists collected from the pond under the microscope, plants from around the campus, animals both living and preserved, and take part in two dissections (squid and sand shark). Some of the sand sharks are pregnant so students see the development of the embryos found in the uterus of the mother with large yolk sacs often still attached. We finish the year with genetics and evolution. Students collect animal population data throughout the year around the lagoon and look at the seasonal cycles of the plants growing in the area. ”  - Middle School Science Teacher

Upper School Grades 9 to 12

“ Students make connections between classroom science and its application in the real world through explicit study of current research and through their own research projects. They participate in numerous science competitions including Science Fair, The Young Naturalist Award, Google Science Fair, Siemen's Challenge, Envirothon, and the Lexus Eco Challenge. Their research has an impact on our local community and science disciplines. Environmental students built a model garden of native plants that will protect the Indian River Lagoon from common fertilizer pollutants when planted in yards along the water. Other student research is addressing the effects of energy drink ingredients on nervous system function, food security through increased crop yield, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria in wound healing. Students work with scientists at the Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCA), the Smithsonian Marine Station, Syngenta, Vero Marine Station, and the United States Drug Administration. "  -Science Department Chair, Upper School

Science News

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  • SES Students Take Top Awards at State Science Fair

    SES Students Take Top Awards at State Science Fair

    From Us Science Department Head Dr. Kerryane Monahan:
    Please see below for the list of State Science Fair Winners - note that all Saint Edward’s students that earned a bid to state out of our regional fair placed in their respective divisions.  We truly have an outstanding science research program at Saint Edward’s, that starts in the lower school and just continues to build up through the grade bands and across the disciplines.  Our students conduct impressive STEM research, but it is their written and oral communication skills, mathematical prowess, poise and grace, ability to interact with professional adults, and positive attitudes that every teacher at this school contributes to, that turns them into top contenders and will ultimately make them great 21st century global citizens. So congrats to everyone for another successful year! #PiratePride

    Junior Division
    Kiran Arain
    $100 Cash Award from Florida Entomological Society
    3rd place Animal Sciences
    Wil Blackburn
    2nd place Earth and Environmental Sciences
    Nomination to Broadcom MASTERS program

    Senior Division
    Omar Shareef
    NASA Plaque and two complimentary tickets to the NASA Visitor Complex
    1st Place Intelligent Machines, Robotics and Systems Software

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  • Saint Edward's Students Share Science Fair Accolades

    Monica Jennings
    The Indian River County Science Fair winners were announced, and Saint Edward's students dominated in every grade level.  Presentations covered the scientific spectrum, including Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Microbiology and Zoology, among others.
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  • SES Spring Science Speaker Series Starts Tomorrow

    Monica Jennings
    Saint Edward's School launches its Spring Science Speaker Series on Tuesday, February 4th. The noon presentations highlight information and research specific to our local area and cover topics ranging from marine biology to horticulture.  Upper School students have the opportunity to learn from some of the top scientists and researchers in our area.  All events are held in the Waxlax Center for the Performing Arts and are open to the public.
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