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Advocacy Program

ADVOCACY encompasses everything we do at Saint Edward's School.  It is actually everything beyond the subject matter being taught in the classroom.  It is how we all work together to help each other become better people. It’s checking on grades, sharing birthdays, sharing team victories, sharing personal victories, sharing painful events, learning how to overcome painful events, learning about how other people live and struggle to survive, learning what role each one of us plays in the world we live, learning how to care, communicate and act, learning how to help someone less fortunate, learning how to take the next big step for ourselves, learning it is okay to fail and try again – it’s being there for each other.

Learning Styles Inventory

In keeping with the Saint Edward's School Mission to empower each child to reach his or her potential, each student in the Upper and Middle School participates in a Learning Styles Inventory under the direction of Camille Greene, Director of Learning Support Services.
"Learning style is the way in which each learner begins to concentrate on, process, absorb, and retain new and difficult information,” according to Mrs. Greene. “The result of this inventory is a report that provides an individualized profile that identifies strengths and preferences, based on what kind of environment and methods they prefer when learning new or difficult material.”
Students use all four learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile),” says Mrs. Greene, “but rely on one or two for most of their studying and learning. Each type uses different methods to learn and study.  By helping to identify specific learning styles, students will be able to understand and remember information more effectively and use study strategies that work for them. Everyone has a unique style, and it is advantageous for students to know what their learning style is.  This information can help them understand themselves and others better."

The Arts

The All-State Florida Music Educator’s Association awarded Saint Edward’s School the 2012-2013 Secondary Music Enrollment Award which is “presented annually to secondary schools with music enrollments that exceed 35% of the student body.”

“Saint Edward’s was one of the few schools that received the award at both the Middle and Upper School levels,” said SES Director of Choral Music and Art Department Chair Dr. Daniel Koh, “with music enrollment percentages far above the minimum 35% required.” At both Saint Edward’s Middle and Upper School more than 85% of the students are enrolled in music courses.

International Model United Nations

Saint Edward’s School is noted for having the largest and most active Model United Nations programs among secondary schools in the region. The organization is a simulation of the actual workings of the United Nations. Students represent various countries from around the globe, research sets of topics and current issues and bring their country’s perspective to the conferences. Students at Saint Edward’s present topic papers in preparation for their participation in the national and international conferences and the Saint Edward’s delegation typically attend three to four conferences each year.

In addition to the work of the Model United Nations conference, students are introduced to the country and the culture of the conference locale. In the past, students have attended conferences in Russia, China, Ireland, and Canada.

Saint Edward's School

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