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  • Spring Break: March 11-15

    Spring Break: March 11-15

    Have a wonderful, safe Spring Break! We'll look forward to welcoming our Pirates back on campus Monday, March 18, 2019.
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  • Weekly Devotional Passage from the School Chaplain: Spiritual Practices

    Weekly Devotional Passage from the School Chaplain: Spiritual Practices

    Marie Campione (lk)
    Today's wise words are from pastor and author Brian McLaren. These words come from his book titled Finding Our Way Again, The Return of the Ancient Practices (page 14):
    Spiritual practices are actions within our power that help us narrow the gap. They help us become someone weighty, someone worthy of a name and reputation, someone who makes survival worthwhile by turning life’s manure into fertilizer. They’re about surviving your twenties or forties or eighties and not becoming a jerk in the process. About not letting what happens to us deform us or destroy us. About realizing that what we earn or accumulate means nothing compared to what we become and who we are. As such, spiritual practices are pretty earthy, and they’re not strictly about spirituality as it is often defined; they’re about humanity. Which brings us to the second reason they’re important – aliveness.
    Spiritual practices could be called life practices or humane practices, because they help us practice being alive, and humanely so. They develop not just character but also aliveness, alertness, wakefulness, and humanity.

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  • Middle School: Kenya Clothing Drive

    It's time for some spring cleaning! As part of our school initiative to gather supplies for Ms. Kennedy's visit to Kenya, the Middle School will be collecting any old SES articles of clothing (shirts, shorts, hats, etc.). Please bring in any old SES gear to your homeroom teachers before March 7th. Any little bit helps!
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  • G Suite Services Logo

    News from Academic Technology Department

    CS (lk)
    Mrs. Stephenson announced this week that Pirates will now be able to share Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and other G-Suite assets beyond the four walls of the school.  This is useful in all sorts of ways - a collaboration with subject specialists and experts, submitting documents that are too big to attach to email, even sharing with family.  There are endless ways to digitally collaborate using this platform. The Technology User Agreement has been updated accordingly.
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  • Third Graders Enjoy Flag Football Fun

    Third Graders Enjoy Flag Football Fun

    Marie Campione (lk)
    Lower School PE teacher Jill Clemente captured some moments of atheltic prowess and fun on the field as third graders enjoyed a game of flag football. #HowSESPlays
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  • AWQ Team

    "13" Proves Lucky for Academic World Quest Team

    MJ (lk)
    Congratulations to the Academic World Quest team, who secured their 13th victory in a row last weekend at the annual academic competition.  #PiratePride

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  • Edward Wei and Rocky Chen discussed the government and economic systems in China.

    Chinese International Students Present to Seventh Graders

    Kelly Fykes (lk)
    The Chinese International Students from Mrs. Fykes Advanced English class shared their first-hand knowledge of Chinese culture, schools, government and economic systems with the seventh graders. Mrs. Wengler's and Mrs. Durand's seventh-grade students are preparing to read  Red Scarf Girl, a memoir of the Chinese cultural revolution, written by Ji-li Jiang, so what better way to learn about China than by learning from our own resident experts? Highlights of the presentations included practicing morning exercises, a choreographed routine designed to get students moving that are done school-wide in China, hearing about the students' favorite Chinese delicacies such as hot pot and Dongpo pork and learning about the tremendous urbanization in areas of China. It was also a great opportunity for the Chinese students to showcase their knowledge and hone their public speaking skills.

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  • Head of School search logo

    Head of School Search Communications

    MJ (lk)
    Pirate Community, please take note of this information regarding the ongoing Head Search process: This week, the Head of School search committee, led by Wendy Porter, selected Carney Sandoe & Associates, one of the leading independent school search firms in the country. This selection officially kicks off the process for securing a new Head of School.

    There are a number of important steps that will begin immediately. We have already created a dynamic landing page on that will have continual updates on the search status. Please keep an eye on the site often.  Please note the important calendar items for parents next week noted in the calendar section of the Enews.
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  • Middle School Multi-Cultural Day Seeks Volunteers

    Middle School Multi-Cultural Day Seeks Volunteers

    Keira Murphy
    From Pamela Mejia, World Language teacher: This year we are going to embark on our fifth annual  Middle School Multicultural Day to celebrate all of the wonderful differences that make our student body who they really are. As part of this special day, which will be held on Friday, May 17, 2019, we would like to invite you to be an active part of the event. [click HEADLINE to read the full story]
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  • Upper School Book Day 2019: Choice, Change

    Upper School Book Day 2019: Choice, Change

    Marie Campione (lk)
    The annual Saint Edward’s Upper School Book Day is scheduled for April 4, 2019.  This day is intended as an Upper School student conference in the spirit of our school’s Liberal Arts tradition and with the purpose of creating empathy and a platform for respectful debate. Many of our students have not had the opportunity to participate in a conference format and this event will bring this possibility to fruition. The inspiration for this event comes from The Horace Mann School of New York, which hosts student conferences annually, and from the Nigerian author Chimananda Ngozi Adichie, who said, “When we reject the single story, when we realize that there is never a single story about any place, we regain a kind of paradise.” Based on that inspiration and the success of last year’s conference, this year’s “Choice. Change.” student conference is a culmination of shared ideas and a list of potential topics created over the course of this school year by a diverse group of volunteers, students and teachers. Our students have expressed a strong interest in exploring and discussing topics such as environmental awareness, personal responsibility and transformation, or stories of overcoming obstacles and assimilation.
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