The Crow's Nest Yearbook: 2019 Dedication and Recognition

Yearbook Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Zoltak and Senior Design Editor Catherine Campione revealed the 2019 Crow's Nest at an assembly in April. Once again this year the Crow's Nest has been recognized in Walsworth's Gallery of Excellence. Only 5% of the books published nationally are included in this esteemed group,

During the assembly, US English faculty member Bill Keating was suprised and honored to be chosen for this year's Yearbook Dedication. Elizabeth spoke about Mr. Keating during the assembly (click headline to read more).

Bill Keating joined the School 29 years ago, serving as English faculty, coach, and director of advocacy during his tenure. His wife Fran joined the SES family as administrative assistant in the athletics department eight years after Mr. Keating arrived in 1990.  His children, Billy ‘95 and Stephanie ’99, both excellent students and athletes, attended and graduated from SES. From day one, Mr. Keating has put his heart and soul into creating a better Saint Edward's community. Dedicated to his students, athletes, and SES as a whole, inside and outside of the classroom, Mr. Keating has been unwavering in his devotion to the students of this school.
As an English teacher, his classes reflect a balance of engaging lesson and challenging work. Mr. Keating works hard to engage his students, integrating technology, life lessons and everyday examples into his lessons. "Mr. Keating is a very caring and kind person, and he never fails to have an intriguing conversation for class. His class discussions are thought-provoking and very interesting!" said sophomore Katie Croom. The way Mr. Keating teaches expands the topic and prepares his class for the next step.
Not only gifted in the classroom, Mr. Keating has a coaching reputation that precedes him. A committed advocate of athletics, he has coached a sports team every year he's worked at SES, including varsity golf, soccer, and basketball, as well as assisting in lacrosse. He led two golf teams to win district championships and coached golfing legend Sal Spallone during his time at SES. In soccer, Mr. Keating led his boys varsity teams to victory in the district championship five years in a row from 2008-2012, one of which made it to the regional finals, and this five-year streak set a record in Saint Edward's history. His teams additionally won district runner-up in 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2013. At regionals, his varsity soccer teams won regional finalist four times, semifinalist five times, and quarterfinalist seven times. Mr. Keating also was recognized as the Soccer Coach of the Year in 2010 and 2013 from Scripts Treasure Coast Newspaper and the Florida Athletic Coaches Association District 19-1A Soccer Coach of the Year in 2012.  On and off the field, students have benefited from Mr. Keating’s leadership for nearly three decades.
Mr. Keating’s commitment to athletics is evident in the support he shows to all SES teams, as throughout the year he can always be found in the stands, cheering from the sidelines along with students and parents. Even though he has no obligation to be there and could spend that time grading papers, he shows up because of his school spirit and the pride he has of being a SES Pirate. This strong sense of school pride drove Mr. Keating to start a spirit club called Super Fans, created to encourage students to supports their peers at School sporting events. This included bus rides to away games and pre-game cook-outs with the club.
Mr. Keating’s unwavering dedication to supporting our student body in the classroom and on the field eventually led him to be named Director of Advocacy. In this role he is responsible for planning advisory activities and assemblies, and he works hard to plan things that engage, enlighten and inspire Upper School students. His work in Advocacy has made lasting impacts on our community.
Over the years, Mr. Keating has served the School in immeasurable ways, and he and his wife Fran, who also dedicated 21 years to the School’s service, will be greatly missed when they both retire this June. The impact left on this school will be long remembered, SES will not be the same. We wish them both the best as they begin this next phase of their lives.