Chinese New Year Celebration News

A note from Dr. Bao: Dear parents, I am excitedly writing this email to invite you to join us to celebrate 2020 Chinese New Year from 2:50 to 3:25 pm in the Waxlax Center for the Performing Arts on Monday, January 27, 2020. You and your family members are cordially invited to attend this annual event.
Here is the program for your reference:
  • Lion Dance by AP,  Chinese 5 and Chinese 5 Club students
  • A beautiful dance by international Chinese students:  Kiara Yuan & Amy Shi      
  • Ancient Chinese Poem Chanting:  by all the 5th graders
  • Firework: all the 5th graders
  •  Folk dance: Where is Spring? All the 5th graders
  •  Square Dance: The most Splendid Litlle Apple by all the actors and actresses & interested audience
    • After this dance, fifth graders will leave for school dismissal. If a fifth-grader wants to stay to watch the rest of the performances, his/her parent will contact their classroom teachers, and then parents pick them up at 3:10 and bring them back to Waxlax. Fifth graders are not allowed to stay alone to watch but have to watch with their parents if they choose to stay after 3:10 pm.

  • A Play: The Story of the Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals   by Chinese 1H 
  • Chinese Rap: There is a Grandpa whose last name is Gu     by Chinese 2H
  • Beijing Opera: by Chinese 3H
  • Chinese Gong Fu Fan Dance:  by Chinese 4 Honors