International Students Become the Teachers

Kelly Fykes (lk)
Mrs. Fykes' international students in her Advanced English class for International students had the opportunity to share about their home countries and cultures to seventh-grade classes. Mrs. Wengler's class is currently reading Red Scarf Girl which is a memoir of the Cultural Revolution in China. Five Chinese students, Leo, Frankie, Jerry, Cindy and Kiara, came to her class and shared their knowledge about China including daily life, schools and their favorite foods. They showed a video clip of their favorite martial arts movie and a video about the weekly flag-raising ceremony. The seventh graders then had an opportunity to ask questions. Meanwhile, Sra. Mejia's class also got to hear from native Spaniard Andrea about all about life in Spain. The students were shocked to hear that in Spain, Andrea's typical dinner time is 11:00 p.m. The three German students in the class, Leon, Nikita and Louisa, also shared about their lives in Germany. It was a great opportunity for the international students to share their knowledge with the middle school students.