US Science Fair Winners

It was another great night at the regional science fair awards for Saint Edward’s Upper School! Despite a significantly more modest number of participants from Saint Edward’s, we earned 50% of the state bids. 
Our state bid winners are 
Kiran Arain, Lily Strauss, Katie Croom and Emma Fini.

Saint Edward’s students also earned 75% of all scholarship awards, including nine $80,000 scholarships to FIT (Kiran Arain, Zayna Shaikh, Cristina Pines, Thomas Baker, Mei Bao-He, Ivy Yang, Riley Kesterson, Ella Provancher, and Emma Fini) and three $72,000 scholarships to FIT (Lily Strauss, Wil Blackburn and Ashby Taylor).

Katie Croom earned the Biology Award from IRSC for $13,500 and Ella Provancher and Riley Kesterson earned the Mathematics Award for $6000.

Additional awards include:
  • Chapman Award - Kiran Arain
  • Water & Pollution Award - Thomas Baker
  • Meteorological Award - Thomas Baker
  • Mu Alpha Theta - Wil Blackburn
  • Yale Science and Engineering - Mei Bao-He and Ivy Yang
  • Stockholm Junior Water Prize - Emma Fini
  • Naval Research Award - Katie Croom
All of our Upper School scientists placed either 1st or 2nd in their category!

Special thanks go to Dr. LP who was instrumental in many of these award-winning projects. Also thanks to Mr. Leonhardt, Mr. Les "Science" Rogers, and Dr. LP for volunteering their time at the fair this past weekend.

***MS results to be announced next week