MS Scientists Excel at Regional Fair

kmurphy (lk)
Several Saint Edward's Middle School students won major awards at the Indian River County and Engineering Fair. Congratulations to all of the students who participated and to both Mr. Leonhardt and Mr. Rogers for their tireless efforts supporting our students.

Two seventh grade students received bids to go to the State Science Fair. Sienna Malon's (7) project "Does Vitality Affect Vital Capacity?" tested the vital capacity of athletes and non-athletes at the school to find out whether exercise is beneficial to your vital capacity. Marlon Dato-Slattery's (7) "Wind Turbine Efficiency" evaluates whether wind speed affects the efficiency of a wind turbine.
Other student achievements include:
Place Awards
Cellular/Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
2nd Place: Sammie Brown and Caroline Zoltak
3rd Place Max Plotkin
1st Place: Grace Haller
3rd Place: Meagan Baker and Tyler Colgan
3rd Place: Noah Hernandez
Environmental Engineering 
3rd Place: Marlon Dato-Slattery
1st Place: Elliotte Kahler and Millicent Critchfield
3rd Place: Alexandra Stern
Plant Science
1st Place: Ethan Ball
2nd Place: Nicky Colontrelle
Special Awards
Oral Health Advancement Award ($100)
Max Plotkin
Broadcom Masters Award
Grace Haller
Elliotte Kahler
Millicent Critchfield
Ethan Ball