Virtual Reality Technology Infused Into MS Curriculum

The Faculty Development day on Friday, February 14 found the Middle School teachers engrossed in a 6-hour training about how to integrate virtual reality technology into our curriculum. The Middle School is thrilled to benefit from a very generous donation that allowed us to purchase a classroom set of devices. 

While wearing the virtual reality goggles, students may step into another world, viewing different environments in a 360-degree dimension. For example, students may visit the top of Mount Everest, tour ancient cities and ruins, play among wild animals on the African plains, or find themselves floating among the stars and planets. There are many, many more applications of the technology that will complement our curriculum in every discipline. 

For example, Mrs. Durand is excited to use the goggles as a pre-reading activity to immerse students in the setting of their novels. For instance, prior to reading the book Peak, students will be able to "travel" to Mount Everest and view the base camps.

Ms. Mejia will soon enrich the cultural experiences of her Spanish students by immersing them into the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico.

The sixth-grade students will be the first to utilize the goggles in the classroom setting. Training with the students started this week. The first impressions from the sixth-grade students include, "It was great to be in a different environment while still at school." and "One of the introductory activities had us playing fetch with a virtual dog to help us learn how the tools of the technology work." In the end, everyone agreed that using virtual reality technology makes learning fun.  [Please click on the headline for more photos.]