Always Time for Athletics

MJ (lk)
Coach Cassara challenged the girls varsity lacrosse team this week with a virtual scavenger hunt. He says, "When I was a coach in Virginia we took our team on a spring break trip every year, and one of the many team activities we did was a photo scavenger hunt. These girls are naturally very competitive, and generally if you have a tiddly-winks tournament they will "leave it all out on the field" even for that. I decided I could do the scavenger hunt via email/text and it worked out really well.  They are already divided into four competitive "Olympic" teams, and we had about four Olympic events already before the season was suspended.  It was a matter of adapting something that could work virtually.  I'm planning to do about one per week until we come out of quarantine." Team "Bad Boys" (Catalina Pratt, Allie Fredericks, Elise Mallon, Laurel Logemann and Lila Legler) were victorious this time, but the competition will continue virtually while the team waits patiently to be back together again.