Share Your "New Normal" with Us!

MJ (lk)
While all of us are missing the post-chapel high fives with "Officer Cupcake," our mornings with Wanda and the cacaphony of slamming lockers, our community has rallied in truly remarkable ways. We're already receiving some creative, thoughtful content, but we want more! Please share your moments with us -- the funny, the poignant, the joyful -- so we can maintain our sense of community and continue to embrace all that make this Pirate ship so special. You can email or text to 772-643-3844 at any time. The Beatles seems to be a big hit with our musicians. Check out Mr. Baker's take on the Spring Equinox from his backyard, and Jack Dobson tapping into the family legacy of music with "Blackbird." Let's continue to stand together while we navigate these unique times!