From the School Counselor: MS Student Resources

Dear Middle School Students:
As our semester is taking a turn to online learning, I wanted to share some resources and ideas with you to keep your mental health strong and positive during this school closure. Your advisors/advocates and teachers are here to support you. Feeling anxious, worried and nervous about what's ahead is normal right now. Use your stress management techniques to stay grounded and remember that we are all here for each other.
I am also offering virtual counseling sessions via Google Meet. You can sign up for an appointment here. Just click on the link and sign up for a grey appointment block by clicking "save" after you choose your slot. If these times don't work for your schedule, just send me an email and we can find a slot that does work. 
Here are 10 tips...
1. Keep a regular schedule: go to bed and wake up at typical times, ensuring that you get at least 8 hours of quality sleep.
2. Create a workspace at home: you're going to have virtual school until at least mid-April so set yourself up for success by creating a designated workspace for school (NOT ON YOUR BED!).
3. Monitor your screen time: take some breaks from your phone throughout the day to focus on what's in front of you. 
4. Go outside: keep social distancing rules but spend some time outside in the fresh air!
5. Exercise: move your body and be physically active each day; you can be as strenuous as you need to be.
6. Read a book, draw, paint, take pictures; discover something new and get lost in an alternate world.
7. Eat whole foods: it's tempting to eat whatever you want at home so be sure to eat quality meals with lots of vegetables and fruits. 
8. Stay connected socially: even if you can't hang out, Facetime with your friends and more importantly with your family members who might not be in Vero! Your grandparents and aunts and uncles will love to hear from you.
9. Go on a virtual tour of the national parksmuseums, and famous sites around the world!
10. Try a new activity: you've got the time so you might as well do something productive! Pick up a new hobby (cooking, board games, etc.) that you can dive into.
The bottom line is, even if this is a setback in our regular schedule take it as an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself and spend quality time with the people you love. Tell your parents you appreciate them! 
I hope you are all well and I am sending you lots of love!
Take care,
Mrs. Borkovic
Samantha I. Borkovic, M. Ed., NCC
School Counselor & Water Camp Director
Saint Edward's School
You can schedule an appointment with me via Google Calendar. If no times are available, just email or call me to set an alternate slot.