Recommendations for Tech Use

I have been asked several times about how much time students should spend on their devices, especially now that we are teaching and learning on a virtual platform.

Obviously this will be determined by the student's learning style and workload. However, here's my general recommendation:

1. Every morning your child should review the assignments that are due each day, paying particular attention to those assignments that require the use of technology.

2. For those assignments that need technology, create a window of no more than 2 hours twice a day, perhaps one block in the afternoon and another in the evening. The times for these blocks can be flexible depending on your schedule. This time is in addition to the synchronous classes. I truly believe this is on the high side, however, and parents should feel free to limit these windows even further. For assignments that do not require technology, all devices should be turned off.

3. For the rest of the day, students should be off all devices. Encourage them to get outside, exercise, read a book or work on a project.