This Week's Recap: March 21-27

Even though the hallways sounds consisted of power washers and leaf blowers this week, it was still a very full week of learning for Pirates of all ages. We saw Michele Scales doing the Pledge of Allegiance with her first graders, Holland Zugrave working with Mrs. Kulczycki, and Mrs. Hudson sharing her favorite things with her homeroom students (who then had to create their own graphic story). Brody Crookshank tapped into his inner engineer and created a working model of the human digestive system on his pool deck, and Nahlia Hebig figured out the magic of static electricity with items found in her kitchen. Middle school students studied stage combat with the Bakers. Meanwhile, junior Christopher Powell made smart use of the acoustics in an empty room at home while he played a challenging jazz selection assigned by Mr. Hengen

While we're all adjusting to this "new normal", the dedication of our faculty, students and parents has never been more evident. Increasingly, this experience is starting to look like more of a marathon than a sprint, but our Pirate Pride is alive and well, if only on the web for now.