The Week's Highlights: March 28- April 3

MJ (lk)
Saint Edward's Pirates completed another week of connecting with teachers and learning virtually, and students are proving to be both creative and resilient as we all continue to adjust. Check out second-grader Joshua Thyssen's fun take on Mrs. Hudson's Cardboard Challenge. We love how baby Mia is just one of the crowd as he sinks his baskets. US students Addison Waddell and Oscar Henriquez composed and performed this rap song, while Addison's little sister Nevin envisioned herself as a semi-truck driver juggling the transport of Lucy "the bear." A number of students created some sweet study spots, and middle school student Grace Haller says, "Some students said that their favorite part of virtual learning was being able to communicate from home, seeing their teachers and classmates again, and doing work at their own pace. Many students said they have been doing a lot more reading in their free time, while other students have started drawing contests with their families and even making their own music!" Quinn Roberts took it one step further and created this great animated short called Toilet Paper Caper